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Jess Jess           for Bobby


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Yellowheart and Purpleheart

Hard Maple



26 frets

9.4 lb

Its difficult to build a guitar for Bobby now because this is his 6th one. He has guitars with many different themes already. He even has Busywood and Bug Infested Zachary Guitars, so its like, "what can I think of next". For this one I wanted to incorporate sharp angles and really contrasting colors. This design element conveys action and motion even if an object is not moving.

Also, as you can see something else new and interesting is the single spring trem system. I call it the "MonoSpring" trem. I had these springs custom made specifically for this application. My goal has always been to make the tremolo a total part of one's playing, not only a part time accessory or something for special effects. Most people don't use the tremolo and many only use them for special effects. Some are even afraid of them. Don't be like Eric Clapton and throw away your tremolo arm, use 5 springs and block off the bridge so it cannot even move. What's wrong with that guy? Its not entirely people's fault, tremolos have been far from perfect and not very natural feeling. Changing the pitch of notes in a legato fashion by not actually fretting another note should be a natural thing to do. This was not that easily achieved in the past since tremolos were stiff to operate and went out of tune easily. I wanted to make the trem so sensitive that it could be operated with one finger of the picking hand. I wanted to make it totally natural and a regular part of one's playing regardless of style. In fact, as you pick either fingerstyle or with a pick, you now can activate the tremolo with your other non picking fingers while you play. Of course you need a bit of practice and some talent.

By going to a single heavier gauge spring, I can achieve the same tension as with two or three regular springs but its movement is made much easier. This has to do with physics. I also have the arms now made 2cm longer for better reach precisely where you are picking and more leverage to move the bridge. Less power is needed to move the tremolo either up or down. Also, as always, these are floating tremolos, so the note can go either up or way down to limp noodles. Yes, it does come back to pitch. As I say, the goal is to make the instrument totally flexible, natural and responsive, like what the human voice can do. The guitar should not get in the way of your playing. It should be almost invisible and not even felt, like you are floating on a cloud and your fingers are moving in space. If we can play the guitar as easily as we can sing, then everything has been achieved.

Is this new trem setup for everyone? Let's wait and see. I love it myself but one needs to get used to it. Interestingly, the trem bridge vibrates constantly as you play. It is always in a state of movement. Don't get scared now. Surely this will freak out some people who want stability but those are usually people who wear a suit and tie and have to be at work by a certain time. Bobby and I don't have jobs so instability doesn't freak us out. Instability is a way of life for us, where we don't even know what day of the week it is and who cares. Structure, who needs it? Just fly with the wind, remember there are no rules, unless you listen to what others tell you to do.

Even touching the bridge or the arm lightly will activate the trem and change the tuning of the notes. So you have to be careful and know what you are doing. Being a good player always helps of course. This is not for the unaccomplished, the inexperienced or the lame. Its all about finesse, touch sensitivity and nuances in playing. So lets ask Bobby to be a Guinea Pig and see what he can do with it. He is the perfect person to take on the challenge. He is qualified.

Bobby in france playing with the band Bray, July 2005


Yo, Alex!!! Hey, Bro, Great to hear fr Ya!!! So what do Ya think? Is She gonna Fuck people up, BIGTIME??? Yer AWESOME, BRO, You Really Are!!! Actually, instead of naming Her "Jesse", I want to call Her "Jess Jess"!!! Jesse likes being called that!!! It's funny, She was asking me what the new Z3-T looks like, and I told Her that I have No Idea at all!!! She's like, "Yer kidding, right?". I'm like, "Not really!!!". Then She says, "Actually, that doesn't surprise me!!!ROFL"
So are Ya Thrilled w/ Her??? Does She give Ya Goosebumps??? Are We Gonna Give the World a Guitar Labotomy??? I've been doing alot of gigs lately, and Guitar Players, and People in general are are quite taken w/ Your Work and my playing!!! The Players are Always asking about my guitars, and saying how Great they sound!!! Of course, I'm Always happy to let them check them out!!! Talk about making an impact!!! I think Jess Jess will probably have a Great Impact on the Strat players!!! Bobby

Yo,Alex!!! I can't wait to start moving some major air w/ Jess Jess!!! This is gonna be an Adventure!!! I can't wait to unleash Her on the world!!! >:P Anyway, You take it easy,Bro!!! I'll be waiting to hear fr Ya!!! Jesse says,"Hi!!!" Love Ya, Bobby!!! >:D

Yo Alex!!! DAMN!!! GEEZ!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Jess Jess looks Freaking AWESOME, BRO!!! WOW, What A Beauty!!! I Just LOVE The Purpleheart and Yellowheart Meld!!! She Looks Like An Ultra High Octane Super Performance Speed Boat!!! I Love Her Lines, Bro!!! It DON'T Get ANY BETTER Than THIS!!! Wow, a "Monospring" Trem, eh? Now THAT'S a Big Surprise!!! The closest I've been to using one of those was a Kahler!!! Most guitar players I've talked to hate those, but I was quite fond of the control and feel that they offered!!! I Can't Wait To Put Jess Jess In The Water!!! She's Gonna Make The BIGGEST Rooster Tail ANYONE'S EVER SEEN!!! Bro, You've Done It AGAIN!!! YOU ARE DA MAN!!! Thx fer EVERYTHING!!! YOU FUCKING ROCK!!! >:D WE'LL KICK SOME MAJOR ASS!!! This Is Gonna Be Soooooooooo Much FUN!!! I'll be waiting to hear fr Ya!!! Love Ya, Bro!!! Bobby!!! >:D

Yo Alex!!! Right On,Bro, i'll be chompin' at the bit to get my hands on Her!!! >:D If Jess Jess is anything like the Buggy, the pu selections should be a piece of cake!!! I can't wait to hear the subtle differences in the sounds of the two!!! Actually, the sound differences could be quite drastic considering Buggy is sooooo porous, and Jess Jess is all hard wood!!!Well,Bro, i'm gonna find out!!! >:D I'll deffinitely let Ya know what i think!!! I have a sneaking hunch that Jess Jess is gonna be DEVASTATING!!! Take Care ,Bro!!! I'll be in touch!!! Love Ya!!! Bobby!!!>:D

Yo Alex!!! Damn,Bro, that's exactly the switching scheme i was thinkin' about!!! >:D What's soooooo Cool, is that this way, Ya save on a coil tap switch, but i'm also able to mix single And humbucking sounds!!! This is gonna Really be the Shit, Bro!!! >:P Yup yup yup, our heads are Deffinitely in the same place w/ this Baby!!! >:) I can hardly wait to break Her out at the next few gigs coming up!!! The guys are gonna Shit!!! >:P Anyway,Bro, You take it easy, and i'll let Ya know as soon as She shows up!!! Heh heh heh, this is gonna Hurt Soooooooo Good!!! >:D Love Ya!!! Bobby!!! >:D

Yo,Alex!!! Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex!!! Holy Shit,Alex!!! Jess Jess got here today!!! YAY!!! >:D Damn,Bro, You have a Gift!!! Jess Jess is Simply STUPENDOUS!!! i used Her at band rehearsal last night and She sounds Super Sweet!!! I Love the fact that i can actually mix single coil AND humbucking sounds at the same time!!! I'm deffinitely gonna have to spend some time going through the sounds, but at first playing, i'm sooooo impressed, it's rediculous!!! >:D She Plays Beautifully, and the MonoTrem is Fantastic!!! We're talkin' Super Smooth,here!!! It stays in perfect tune and i have no problem using it!!! i can't wait til i've aquainted myself w/ every facet of Jess Jess!!! There's soooo much here that i need to explore that it might take several weeks to really understand what i got here!!! All i know right now is that She Is The Shit,Bro!!! Yer Amazing, Alex!!! Don't Ever Stop Building Guitars!!! Take Care,Bro, and i'll be in touch!!! Yer THE BEST!!! >:D Love Ya, Bobby!!! >:D

Yo,Alex!!! Heh heh heh, Jess Jess is Fucking Awesome,Bro!!! Damn, i was gonna use Her as a back up fer Maggie, but now i'm not so sure!!! Both guitars are Absolutely the Best i've ever played, but i'm hard pressed to choose btw them!!! Jess Jess is simply Magnificent to behold, and She plays Beautifully!!! She's got soooo many pick up combinations that i'm still figuring those out!!! That new switching system is the Shit,Bro!!! From now on, i want 3 pick ups and that system on all my guitars!!!(hint hint for the 8 str ing) The Monospring Trem is a Winner for me,Bro!!! i Love the sensetivity of it!!! My right hand muting technique is soooo controled that i have NO Problem of it going out of tune while muting unless i want it to!!! Honestly, though, i really didn't forsee that as a problem!!! I can't wait to record Her,Bro!!! The Sound Pallet She brings to the table is Simply Unparralelled!!! Anyway,Bro, i gotta get back to playing Her!!! I Just Love Breaking In A New Guitar!!! >:D Take Care,Bro!!! I'll be in touch!!! Let me know how things are going on the 8 string!!! >:P Love Ya!!! Bobby >:D

Yo Alex!!! Wow, Bro,You did forget to stamp the serial number on Jess Jess!!! >:P Ooooops, oh well, it's no big deal!!! There's a first for everything,Bro!!!>:D Yeah, I have one song that's almost finished!!! I was waiting to get Jess Jess to slam the solo on it!!! Now all I gotta do is find some time!!! I've been playing soooo much lately that I've been hurting for time to record!!! I'll get it to Ya as soon as I can,Bro!!! Bro, Jess Jess is simply OUTSTANDING!!! The pick up combinations are Staggering!!! I'm Really sold on the new switching scheme and the Monospring Trem!!! I told Eli about it and He was Excited by the number of sound possibilities!!! He Loves the 2 spring trem, but was curious about the Monospring!!! Anyway, Bro, that's the scoop fer now!!! I'm still exploring Jess Jess, so She's keeping me very Happy!!! >:D I can't wait to use Her at the upcoming shows!!! Yer the Most Awesome Guitar Builder on the Planet, Bro!!! Don't Ever Forget That!!! >:D Love Ya!!! Bobby!!! >:D

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