Zachary Custom Guitars and Basses


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Bois de Rose
DiMarzio Fred, Super Distortion
6.5 lbs.

I know what you are saying. Hey, this is not a Zachary guitar.

Yes it is. I just tried something new and got carried away. I was bored with making yet another natural oil finished guitar so I went kind of crazy.

Without revealing too much, this is done with a very traditional kind of paint that the pioneers used. Its made of natural ingredients. It was all hand applied as well. I was surprised how it turned out. Variety is the spice of life.

I must have gotten the idea from seeing some Ibanez guitars with strange finishes. I did not like the thick plastic plaint on them but I did like the uniqueness of the look and the textured paint surface. This is what I tried to achieve here.

I have a few sets of DiMarzios left so I used them and I think the cream colored pickups matched the color scheme of the the paint job and the color of the Maple neck. Maybe I'll make more of these. For now, I will consider this a Prototype and offer it at a reduced price. Five hundred dollars less then the regular base price of my guitars.

The guitar really rocks with the powerful pickups. Its also effortless to play. Guaranteed to make you stand out on stage.


Zachary Weed playing his Zachary guitar

At first I had reservations about selling one of my guitars to a 14-year old kid, but his father convinced me that he is serious and is talented. I know that when I was 14 I had just started playing on a $25 kids acoustic guitar and I was not even sure how to hold it. Left or right hand on the neck? I am not sure if I got it right to this day. What a guitar to have at 14. Lucky kid and a supportive father is what I say.

Just wanted you to know that my son LOVES his guitar. He plays it constantly is just cookin' on it. He has written some great songs - he believes you'll never become famous if you play other peoples songs. I will send you a picture of him at their next gig. Thanks. Garry (Ohio)

My son purchased the prototype z3 (actually I bought it since he's 14 and has no means of support other than me). He just loves it, plays constantly, and is just awesome. He was in a battle of the bands a couple weeks ago and all the guitar players from the other bands wanted to play his guitar. When we get the pictures back we'll send one. While "Bobby whats his name" looks cool, there isn't anyone cooler than my son (how's that for a proud father- he just made the tennis team also). Thanks very much. Gary Weed

Alex, just wanted you to know that last night my son's band won the battle of the bands at their high school. There are over 2500 students at the school and his band are all freshman (the favorite going in was a band of seniors that think they had it won easy). My son, w/his Zachary guitar, was the best guitar player by far (I admit that I may not be the most objective but...). The drummer's mother took some pictures which I will be sending. The pictures I took at their last gig didn't turn out. My son had the exact opposite style of all the other guitar players. While they like to get out front and jump around while they're playing their bar chords, he looks like he's taking a stroll in the park, even when he's playing the lead in stone cold crazy by Queen. He was talking to a drummer in another band, saying that he didn't have a lot of stage presence. The other guy replied "you don't need stage presence, you've got talent". Finally, he was talking to another guitar player that had a guitar he kinda liked (a Godin) and I asked him if he would like one (not that I was gonna buy him one) and he said "dad, I only play Zachary guitars". You've got a customer for life. And since he's only 14, that's a long time. Gary Weed

Alex, just wanted you to know that my son, Zach's, and his band, Velveeta Louise, won another battle of the bands last week. While he and his bandmates are all sophomores in high school, this was an all ages battle. There were 9 bands in all. They gave prizes for the top 4 bands. The first prize winners were 4 guys in their 20's and when they went on stage they had this shit-eating "we kicked everyone's ass" smugness. They must've forgot that there was a grand prize, and they really came in second. When our guys went up on stage, the look on their faces was priceless. They won 6 hours in a recording studio. I will send a copy of their CD to you. Once again, the Zachary guitar not only kicked butt but looked alot cooler also. My son and I really like the "bloody red" guitar. While the price is not an object, convincing my wife why my 15 year old son needs a second guitar is not an easy task. Garry

Alex, just thought I'd write and let you know what's goin' on w/my little boy. My little boy is now 16 , is 6'2" tall and 160 pounds. Still loves his guitar, plays all the time and finally has a good band. He got kicked out of his last band as the ego's of the other guys seemed to get in the way of the groups talent (Zach). he wasn't upset and had a new band shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the drummer's mother is in the military (we live around Dayton, Ohio and Wright Pat air force base) and they moved to Africa for 4 years. Well, finding another drummer turned out to be much more difficult than expected. It seems that when a drummer is good, you don't notice, but when their bad, you really notice. There are a lot of bad drummers around. Zachs has written some great songs, lyrics and all. The lyrics are much more eruditish than you might expect (he's a smart kid - takes advanced algebra and trigonometry and honors chemistry II and had a 4.0 GPA last qtr). he also plays tennis 4 times a week. Shouldn't be too long before something is recorded that I can send to you. Just wanted you to know he still loves his guitar. Garry Weed