Zachary Custom Handcrafted Electric Guitars and Bass Guitar

130302    "Woody"

Its usually a magical time when I play a guitar for the first time. After working on it for so long, I am nervous, excited and curious all at the same time.
This guitar was a special order for a customer so it has already been sold but the first thought that came to my mind after playing it for just a couple of minutes was that this guitar is too good for the price. This guitar is worth more than what I sold it for. I felt cheated as if this guitar was stolen from me or as if the guitar was given away for free. I know this is not true but this is how I felt. The guitar is quite amazing and I actually envied the buyer.

What I am trying to say is this guitar is just a perfect example of what a Zachary Guitar is all about and it has reminded me why I started building guitars in the first place.

What defines a Zachary Guitar?
Unique woods (the owner of this guitar picked the woods very well, a soft Korina back over a hard Canary top and I chose the Walnut neck), very light at 5.5 lb. a super fast 26" scale, slightly V shaped neck with huge frets, wood dot fingerboard markers, natural oil finish, the Mission Impossible Zacharoid nut for unmatched tuning, ergonomic body, great balance, great playability and the custom made and proprietary ZachAttack pickups, with a great combination of tonal options.

This guitar is ready for high performance. Its like a thoroughbred race horse full of adrenaline.

Ironically, I just flipped through the new special issue of Guitar Player Magazine called "Dream Machines". What an absolute joke. Hey you morons at Guitar Player Magazine, this is the only guitar that should be in your magazine because nothing even comes close.

Comments form the Owner
Holy Crap! Alex, you are definitely The Man.
Thank you for posting the pictures of my guitar, it looks amazing! Obviously I would not have purchased one of your guitars if I didn't like the way they looked, but mine is the best of them all! I was actually kind of intimidated by the fact the everyone who buys a guitar from you seems to name it something, but as soon as I saw the pictures I had a name for my guitar. I call him Woody.
Is it because the guitar is bare wood? Is he named after the character from Toy Story? No, I call him Woody because I popped one as soon as I saw the pictures. I get another one every time I look away and then look at the guitar again. My wife is going to be so jealous of this guitar. I can't wait to plug him in and listen to him sing. I'm going to practice extra long every night until he arrives so that I'm a better player when I get him.
Rock on Alex! Reed


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint Color
Canary top,
Korina back
All Natural
5.5 lbs.


Woody is here and he's BEAUTIFUL! PERFECT! He even arrived in tune! I have played him as hard as I can for the last 30 minutes and he is STILL IN TUNE! ABSOLUTELY!
I can't tell you how happy I am. I have to go to a class but when I get back I will play him some more. These pickups have a beautiful attack like I have never heard before, very punchy. They are wonderful. ALEX, I LOVE THIS GUITAR! I can see why you didn't want to give him up. WOODY is awesome. How can bobby sleep at night knowing that you sent me your best guitar? Oh, what the hell does he care. He has talent. I'd trade him, but I'd just have to buy another ZACHARY later. Your fan for live, Reed