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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Figured Maple

Back: Walnut


Vintage Kluson Style

*Dual Size

Neck: Zachary P90

Bridge: Zachary Alnico-Pole

6.25 lb

Check out the new vids of this guitar - 130208

This is one of my favorite Z setups with the Gibson wraparound bridge and the single coil pickups. I just love the simplicity. Can't get enough of it. Notice the pickups are not the same? Only one of them is a P90. The bridge is an Alnico-Pole pickup, similar to a Fender-style pickup where the pole pieces themselves are the magnets, instead of having a flat bar magnet beneath the coil, as on the P90. This results in two very different pickups, even though superficially they look the same. My version of these pickups gives the fattest and warmest P90 tone in the neck position and the Alnico-Pole pickup in the bridge position is bright and biting, like on a Fender. So its a very unique situation in terms of tone.

Furthermore I did something new with the switching as well. Instead of having two On/Off switches, I have one 3 way pickup selector and the other is a two way phase switch, which puts one pickup in or out of phase. This means that when used together you get either the traditional (in parallel, in phase) sound but when you flick the switch the pickups are out of phase with each other. This gives you the most addictive tone, very similar to playing through a Wah pedal set half way.

The wraparound bridge also reduces the string tension, so my regular ZOG 10 set the guitar is set up with, feel like a ZOG 9 set. This is great for someone like me with some joint pain. I love it.

Notice the details. I played around with the Gibson theme here. Things have to right people. They have to be correct and appropriate and must follow the Principles of Design as a complete unit. The wraparound bridge must be featherweight aluminum. I could only use traditional Kluson-style tuners with light plastic buttons. I antiqued the buttons. Notice the Gibson knobs and I did not forget to put my custom-made aluminum featherweight strap buttons to make the guitar weigh in at and incredible 6.25 lbs. Any human waste who would remove these custom buttons and put on straplocks should be both castrated and decapitated on the spot. When it comes to the ignorant guitar consumer Sharia Law is a great idea and very necessary. If it was up to me all the cutthroats in the world would have their throats cut.

I heard of someone who was selling some Walnut locally. I went to look at it and drove a long way to a farm. When I saw the stuff it looked horrible. All muddy, warped and full of cracks and knots, etc. I still bought about 10 boards of this horrible trash wood, the whole lot the guy had, just because I didn't want to think I drove there for nothing. This wood was ready for the fireplace but I had to make it work. Nothing goes to waste around here. There is no such thing as trash wood around here. I made it work and now you would never guess what this wood originally looked like if you like what the back of this guitar looks like. Of course a real luthier would never do such a thing. "Only the highest grade tone woods are used." How many times have you read that in guitar magazines or websites? Of course you do need a little artistic help from God to pull it off.

The top is also some third grade figured Maple that I proudly say would never be used by any respectable guitar company, it has flaws and discoloration and is not grotesquely figured so it looks artificial. Of course I despise and look down on them for the scum and the no talents they are. That's why they are into marketing and making money and I am into making Z guitars. That makes me feel so good. What is it all about anyway? Did you notice all the cock sucking prostitutes desperate for endorsements, since recorded music is not selling very well these days. Consequently endorsements have gone out of control. They know you are stupid and will actually believe someone who is being paid to play a certain piece of gear. But I digress. Better stop here before I say something that I will really enjoy saying. That is a discussion for another time.

Tinkerers listen. A pointer for you. You cannot make art unless you hate the world around you. If you love people and the world, you better stop right now, its pointless and you will get nowhere because there is nothing driving you.

Alex, Totally killer guitar and totally killer write-up on it. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's the God in you coming out. Keep it coming. When I saw this guitar, I wanted to reach into my computer screen and take a bite out of it. It looks like a Butterfinger candy bar. Does it taste like one? Anyway, now you've got a Nestle Crunch bar and a Butterfinger bar. Happy munching, Alex. Have fun with that one! Ted Noiz

Hahahaha... I love your style Alex!! You take the "crap" wood that any "reputable" guitar maker would immediately reject, and build a true musical instrument to blow them in the weeds, period...with their own "garbage" materials. That is actually funny as!! Geeze that must piss some people off...
Yet again, a beautiful creation, with all that can be said about your guitars. I know, I own two, and I LOVE THEM to bits!! All others don't matter any more. They feel like inadequate toys. Cheers, Orlando (AU)

Another brick...In the wall! Some really interesting new developments here. You are really exploring how far the principal of simplicity can take you.
Mixing the two different types of pups....and then using the second toggle for a phase switch. Very crafty indeed.  Eli (NYC)

Oww. You are hurting my brain with your brilliance. The fabulous flame but just enough rough stuff to prove that its not plastic but really from a tree. Better than some pretend-to-be-perfect PRS 10 top. I have a a fantasy that I could buy it as it is not Reserved or NFS. Obviously I know how good it is. Of course the guilt from self-indulgence would probably kill me but what a way to die. I sure hope Pete Townshend gets a look at this one. There is no way he would smash it either, that's for real Gibsons. The tone must be killer. Please find a deserving rocker to spank that baby hard!!   Frank (CA)

Hi Alex, Thanks for 130208. This guitar has smokey blues written all over it. It looks 50 years old and is nicotine stained. It looks a little cracked and beaten, like its been played and loved hard for a lot of years. What an amazing homage to Gibson! All the things that they aren't and could have been. Gibson is now putting out "ground breaking" digital guitars and self tuning guitars and they have just lost it. Thanks for making it Z2. Thanks for the P 90 and Alnico. Thanks for the knobs and tail piece.
In one of my guitar making books there is a B&W picture of a '59 Les Paul Standard with a faded sunburst. The author refers to the curly maple as "unfortunately not up to todays standard". Yeah, thanks guy, at least it's an honest looking Gibson, worn down to the wood. Thanks for the "flawed" figured top. I know which one I'd rather have, no B.S. I could look at that back and neck joint sandwich forever and I just might. Traditional mahogany meets ebony meets maple meets...walnut? I'm glad you didn! 't waste your trip, what a perfect piece for this guitar. Making it so the light grain continues into the neck. And cudos for the switching! In/out of phase on singles makes things so interesting. Lots of tone there, from warm and dark to bright and spanky I'm sure. All in all another masterpiece with it's own definition, it's own set of rules. This thing is made for blues. It is made for country rock. It is made for hard rock. It is made for classic rock. This is not a punker or skater or shredder instrument although I have no doubt it could perform those duties well, It would not be an honest application of this guitar. In other words, If I may be so bold, this guitar is made for me!   Talk soon, Tony (AB, CA)

Just seen "Butterfinger". And I bet it plays like butter! The top is gorgeous. Crucially, it looks like real maple does, complete with variable figure and minor flaws, and not a sheet of "fotoflame" gratuitously stuck on and covered with half an inch of plastic. But for me, it's the BACK of the guitar that does it. That bookmatched walnut is superb. The essence of subdued elegance. Best, Ludwik (UK)

Hi Alex, Just got a look at the latest, 130208. Now THAT is a guitar with character! Definitely looks like something that needs to be played. Its got a certain grittiness to it or something, like it really means business. Bet it sounds great. The back on it looks fantastic too. I'm having a blast with my Z2 (101207). I've used it with the band several times now and what a difference. I can hear every note, every sound. Its really helped me hear what I'm doing and let me improve. Can't get away with being sloppy now. The more I play it, the better it sounds. thanks again, Bruce (NH)

Alex, Bloody 'ell Alex, true, you do not do "eye candy" guitars, but they do have PULL. I have been wondering what it is with those guitars, and I have concluded that they have COMPLETENESS. Otto (Norway)

I will get some sounds of this incredible instrument to you as quick as I can. I've logged over 25 hours on it in this first week!
When will the "novelty" wear off?  Never?  I don't think so.   Tony (owner)

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