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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
DiMarzio D'Activartor 7
neck and bridge
9.6 lb

Electronics:        Volume,     Tone,     3-Way pickup sellector switch,     Coil switch,     Phase switch.

Here we go, another 7 string. The first thing that comes to my mind is the strings. Without ZOG strings a 7-string is nothing or at most, plain crap. Even at a 26" scale that low B or A is a challenge for the instrument. Here I have mixed emotions. I feel like Moses on top of the mountain. God has spoken but only to me. I know the secret and now have been entrusted to bring it to the people. Its a real burden, especially when I have to deal with ignorant beings disconnected to the physical world and I have to try to make them see the light. What makes it even more frustrating is that the concept is very simple and totally common sense, which makes it obviously crucial to use Optimized strings on all guitars and basses.

Let's see, what is required to understand Zachary Optimized Strings? Well its that little something, which to my surprise is so rare to find these days. Something the average person has little talent for. Almost everyone prides themselves as being a "people person" but actually very few have a connection or understanding of OBJECTS. Being connected to objects and human creation is not viewed as a virtue by a liberal value system. This is why in these days of high technology so few can screw in a light bulb any more. So few know anything about the objects around them. Mankind is evolving at a very rapid rate but so much great stuff is being left behind and lost. Control over the world around them has been diminished. So if you are not in touch with objects, you have a difficult and awkwardly uncomfortable time understanding how THINGS work in the physical world around you. Soon enough, technology and objects will be running you and not the other way around. Digital technology has made humanity stupider and incapable in many ways. All those talents which people had in the past are now never developed. Society now idolizes CNC robots in guitar making, instead of individual craftsmen. My competition now is the CNC robot, not other individual guitar makers. That's fine with me. I can take on your robots any day.

So this brings me back to ZOG and even if I sell a lot of strings (whatever that is defined as), there is a vast world which has never heard of ZOG and has no clue about Optimized strings, Its a very strange feeling for me. As Moses, I come down from the mountain with my tablets having just spoken to God and I want to enlighten the world about my revelation but the world is just mired in stupidity and continues using erratic, unsystematic and under-tentioned conventional strings. The scary part is that, it does not even occur to them that its wrong. What does that tell you about the knowledge level of the guitar consumer? I just cannot understand how a 7-string guitar can be played without ZOG. How stupid can a player be not to notice that there is something seriously wrong with conventional strings? On a 7-string its really evident that you MUST use Optimized strings. Optimization is the only correct way to design a string set. When I announced my findings and the introduction of ZOG, it was the first time any system was ever defined for string set design. I am the first to define guitar and bass string set design. Without Optimization you don't have a string set, only an arbitrary collection of mismatched tension strings based on no reason or principle. Some still can't believe that a system is even needed, they must be "people" persons.

My only explanation for this is a total disconnection with and a lack of understanding in how Things work. This is an alienation from anything to do with the brain leading the hand in creation. We are at a point where the average individual is uncomfortable doing anything or making any decision, especially purchasing decision, without the approval of the higher forces of big business with its relentlessly heavy doses of marketing and their ties to celebrity.

So, this guitar is as much about ZOG as it is about the guitar itself.

New 7 string looks awesome. Never seen a 7 string SG style before. -Zach

Oh - just took a look at the new 7 string guitar...WOW! That's just a monster instrument in every way conceivable - agree on the ZOG message....I still can't believe that so many people actually argue against the concept.      Jay

Zebrawood? No plains grazing animal here! All carnivorous beast! I like this one Alex, bare bones and brutal. Drop dead gorgeous. Again, not my body style but it is incredible to look at. I feel like a crow looking at something shiny! I thought it was some really spalted maple as I had never seen a zebrawood guitar before so this was an eyeopener. Sweet!      Jeff

7 string photos made me hyperventilate in a mellow but noticeable way - thats my brain realizing what it will be like to play one in the future when I finally get one - knowing even sub conciously what your guitars could represent - musical freedom!. You photos are really beautiful.

I had to check in and say its unbelievable what you made in that 7 string, and I really dug what you said about most 7 strings and the miss matched strings - you look at responsibilities of resonant construction and implications and ramifications of materials / tone in ways that frankly seem invisible to other guitar makers out there. Viewing the magazines occasionally (had to let guitar player crag go - its not really relevant to me) your stuff continues in an upwardly direction while most of the other super glossy stuff continues in the other direction - why this is I don't know but it could be that most take the path more traveled (less work) and you take the less traveled one - of the tone inventer/thinker ( much more work).
Anyway keep it up Zachary, the guitar world really needs you.
A final thought, its pretty obvious you could probably have a guitar in the Smithsonian, just to show the high water mark of electric guitars for future generations.
Keep those dreams ringing - Paul

Beautiful. I am sure a real honker as well. I'd like to hear how those pickups sound ASAP!! As I can tell you from experience it is going to be a fabulous instrument. I love my Z3-7 and what it can do. The ZOGism so much more true for the 7. So much for those flimsy Gibsons and their cheesy wimpyness. This horned Z-devil will speak with true authority. Oh yeah and the Z-Wood is the bomb too. Frank

You really outdid yourself!! The new SG styled 7 string is absolutely stunning.
I swear to god, that's the first time I ever wanted an SG. The body wood is so beautiful, and it contrasts the neck wood wonderfully. The guitar looks like true art.
Congratulations.   Stephen

You know I am not huge into the look of a guitar....but the body wood of this 7 string is just amazing.
Wow. True....ZOG is more significant....but that zebrawood is eye catching to say the least. I also like this quote: "I can take on your robots any day"    Eli


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