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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Pau Ferro

*Dual Size

Compound Radius

A3 - 7.7

A5 - 9.1
7.4 lb

Pickup Wiring - Standard Zachary wiring with 3-Way Selector Switch and Single/Double Coil Switch,
*Addition - Series/Parallel Switching - puts pickups in series with each other and
    Phase Switch - puts pickups out of phase with each other.
This is essentially what is known as the Jimmy Page wiring.

G stands for Gibson. Only original Z bodies have the Z designation. But of course they are all Zs, other than the shape. This new G4 is based on the vintage Gibson Modern. A part of the futuristic trio that Gibson designed in 1957. Only the Flying V and the Explorer went into production for two years but the Modern never did. It was only drawn on paper. So it was really a nonexistent guitar, just a drawing. Gibson then reissued the Moderne a few times over the years in special addition limited numbers. The 1982 reissues sell for over 5K.

I love the period historical style of this guitar. The fin is reminiscent of space travel, aviation and astronaut aspirations and fashion of the day. The rage of those innocent times. Gibson was trying to be radical with their futuristic trio but the public was not ready for it. I really like the shape and its more useable than the Flying V and fits very well with the Z Samurai headstock. So I just had to do it. I made it more comfortable by shaving the top wing to make gradually thinner in thickness. I also gave it a tummy cut as well as contoured the lower horn for better high fret access. I had the room and added the complicated switching to give all tonal options from the two humbuckers. The ZackAttacks are vintage lower power and given the Z design and the large piece of Korina, you can guess what it sounds like. The body shape is where the Gibson influence ends. Its a Z all the way.

Its the Gumby Guitar!! Of course sans Gumby headstock and naturally with the power of Z! I love it. Radical. I assume it sounds similar to a Z2 but with additional interesting pickup settings. Amazing light weight. Perfect for the prog space rocker. A great alternative to (or enhancement accessory for) mind altering drugs. Another guitar that Billy Gibbons needs. Whoever gets this one I would bet is a Space Cadet. Another superb masterpiece. Frank

Oh, wow. Don't worry about me, I am just sitting here having a heart attack. Alex was right, I am just flipping out. This guitar is right up my alley and it might and ought to belong to me. After all, no Z is built for anyone but me. They are all mine. Every single one of them. It's got all the original Z Goodiez, too! Zach Attack, ZT, and Alex's steady hand, keen eye, vision, skill, and mastery -- and that's really what Z is all about.

I think that Alex has a link connecting him directly into the Universal Mind. Some entity plugged him in probably at birth and said, "This one is going to be our musical instrument builder." This kind of ability is in no way ordinary. Normal, everyday people don't get out of bed in the morning and do things like this. Alex is obviously driven by a passion that will not relent. Obviously he knows a lot more than he is telling the world. While I am astounded by what he does reveal to us, I am even more intrigued by what he is holding back.

The Z saga is far from over. We aint seen nuthin' yet. Hold onto your asses Z fans, more to come.
Congrats, Alex, on another masterpiece. And, thank you, for being a friend to me, and to humanity, for doing good works while so many others are doing evil, for being true to yourself and your spirit, for challenging my thinking and inspiring me to be the best that I can be.   Thank you, my friend.   Ted Noiz

What a BEAST! Look at the wild shape. You have also solved the issue of a V shape not sitting in your lap properly. This one will sit just as comfy as Z2. The giant expanse of korina is like a swath a desert. Awesome. Please promise me you will demonstrate all the pup combinations!! I would love to hear them all. Jimmy page did a lot of very cool stuff live with all those combos. WILD!!!     Eli

I have to say I admire the workmanship on this guitar. I can imagine the planning, the measuring and re-measuring over and over again on this. The way Alex joins the necks on his guitars, it must have been more difficult with this one also. Congratulations Alex, you just keep kickin' ass. Eagle

It does look like something Billy F. Gibbons would be proud to sling. Too bad he missed his window. Too bad too many managers and business associates telling him what to do, what to think, what to wear, what sells, and who to play with and who not to play with and who to associate with and who not to associate with. I mean, the man spent gazzillions on tone, but never acheived it like a Z. Poor guy; worked all his life and still missed out. He did have potential however. I will give him that much. Ted

Yup, I'm speechless, what else can I tell you brother? Zachary instruments: Guitars from heaven. Cesar

Brilliant interpretation of the Moderne - you've shown what it could have been with the right headstock. Best JR

I just got home and taken a look at it.... I'm lost for words. I just don't know what to say. Are you really intending on letting it go, or are you going to release some of the other "NFS" stuff you have been hanging on to instead? Congratulations, my friend, on the completion of another masterpiece. Just please, don't go too mad and chop your ear off. Cheers, Orlando

This reminds of a shark hovering near waterline. She is ready to pounce on whatever comes in her path. Sharks are the fastest swimmers in ocean, siren 12068 will only enhance that image…Awesome. Ed

I knew you would eventually figure out a way to incorporate a V body style into the Z lineup, but using that obscure modern body shape was a stroke of genius! I love how it turned out and I bet it sounds wonderful. It also fits well with the headstock. The new Z2 080708 is kickass as well... I think now you are just trying to show off. :) You know how I love those walnut necks! Be well, James (AZ)

I've just been to your website to see what's new. I love the execution of of the Z-Moderne, but hate the guitar itself - Gibson's most hideous guitar, second only to the Inverted V, IMHO. At least it has a Samurai headstock instead of that ludicrous flared abomination with those idiot sideways string guides. Interesting take on the Jimmy Page wiring. I have a John Birch guitar with the full Page wiring (4 push-pulls with individual coil-taps as well as the phase-reversal and series/parallel switches). My favourite position is out-of-phase and in-series - it's a unique sound which is both thick yet scooped and full of harmonics, open to further variations by coil-tapping either or both of the p/ups. Ludwik (UK)

Custom form fitting of this guitar in the case. All done by me and it unfortunately took several days for me to measure the foam pieces, cover them with the lining and glue them in just in the right places. It was a lot of work but this odd shaped guitar is now very secure it its case.   Alex

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