120603   "Ana"

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Redwood top, Basswood back
Black & Gold
5.5 lbs.

The ANA Project


Alex... I've been thinking a lot and the fact that you need to feel free in the creative process while still having an interest in what the player is looking for. I've decided to respond artistically and let you react to my thoughts as the artist that you are. I truly believe that my relationship with my guitars is psychically as profound as it is with the most significant woman in my life... moreso, probably, because my guitar is not capricious, not coy, but always there and always ready to express my most private thoughts and feelings. Without question, the most unforgetable woman in my life is Ana (latin spelling), whose picture I am sending along. She represents what I want in a guitar... sensuous, responsive, mystical, magical, compliant in the most romantic way, but still full of incredible energy and depth. That's why I like your guitar, Rosie, I think, because the color and the form have some of that quality. I guess a true Ana guitar would be Ruby or deep red or purple, Z2, black hardware and probably mahogany, although I am not very astute with woods. She would be very responsive to the touch and set up low and fast, but have the ability to produce a throaty purr as well as scream when she has the inclination. This is a guitar with an emotional soul and a yearning to express the unexpressible. I'd love to have you build the Ana guitar for me, if you can identify with the inspiration.      
Three Down Dave

It is for your very modesty and acceptance that you are the "flute and not the flautist" that causes me to have no doubt that you will do a superb job of capturing her essence in a guitar. Ana always talked about us being instruments of creation and, when we are clear and vanquish our egos, we can express God's thought and creativity in unknown ways.

As I mentioned, she is a person of incredible depth, spirituality, grace and insight. Her musical tastes were diverse as well. I tell you these things to provide you a little more insight to the ethereal nature of this being. As I mentioned earlier, I think the shape of the Z2 reminded me of her because it appears to be a shape in motion, moving from the center and outward. Your design of this guitar seems particularly inspired to me because you appear to have captured a sense of the spacious and unlimited world that we musicians try to find and describe musically. I see this particular guitar as a tremelo because of the potential extra voicing that your approach provides... bending "both ways" is I think the way you describe it. Ana is Mexican, but her roots are Spanish, so she carries a light complexion and black hair and almond/green eyes. She possesses a latin zest for life and passion, but an otherworldly depth of understanding and humility. An evening with Ana is like a week with a Zen master.

Alex, I wouldn't want you to "exhaust" yourself on this effort. I'd rather you just absorb what I am sharing and let your creativity respond. God did create this beautiful lady, but he also gave you your incredible ability to interpret creatively and to bring beautiful work into being right from the ethers. That is what you do, isn't... experience your inspiration and deliver it to life through your artistic hands, eyes and heart? I only know you from my brother's comments and your point of view expressed in your website, but my own intuition tells me that you would do a special job on this project. I have absolutely no doubt that you are the person to do it if anyone is. Might I just suggest that you live with the idea a little while you are in the process of moving and let me know if there is anything else I can share with you that might help you along. I'm sending these pidtures of Ana that shows the light in her eyes and the incredible knowingness of this person. All my best and I look forward to hearing from you.          Three Down Dave




Dave's Response to the "Ana Porject"

Dave mentions his new Zachary guitar on his own website Three Down & The Moose
Alex of Zachary Guitars has completed Ana, my personal electric guitar. There is simply no guitar in the world like Ana. She has a redwood top and black and gold pick ups and bridge. I should have Ana at the July 12th show at Leadbetters. Go to our Links and bring up Zachary Guitars and check out the Ana Project. Alex is probably the best luthier in our hemisphere. Check him out... you will like what you see.

Alex... Sight unseen, I think you are an amazing artist! I can't wait to begin to experience them both. David

I just had time to look at the two guitars (240503 & 120603) briefly before leaving for my afternoon show at Leadbetters. You are a fucking genius, Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them both. I knew this was going to be like Sophie's Choice. I think my immediate reaction to the second one was to make love to it, so that is probably my Ana, but that is not my final decision. I am so thrilled and I hope you are too, Brother Alex!!! Talk to you when I get back from my show.      Best, Three Down Dave

OK, you have totally blown my mind! What incredible work... I mean unbelievable. How am I going to choose? I find myself captivated by the second Ana, but I don't want to be disloyal to the first. I am definitely going for the marbeled beauty with the gold appointments. How did you do that anyway? I have never seen anything like her. You have captured Ana with exquisite artistry. I am totally humbled. I like my setups very low and fast. Are they both similar action? Let's talk soon. Best, Dave

Alex... Wow, I really appreciate your letter. I was blown away by number 120603. Craig and some friends also thought it was beautiful. My reaction to it was that it really did look like Ana to me, with that little splash of gold on the bridge and pick up switches. The mottled body reminded me of her black hair and dark brown highlights. But, if you aren't happy with the finish, I'd be concerned. I also loved the first Ana as well and I noticed the weight difference. Let's talk more on the subject and then decide on how to move forward. I really do think you are an artist of immense talent.    Best, Dave

Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am speechless... totally speechless. Ana arrived this afternoon and she is the most beautiful, most exquisite instrument and piece of art I have ever seen. On top of it all, she arrived in tune... a testiment to your craftsmanship as well. This guitar sounds as good as she looks and she looks incredible. You captured perfectly my mental image and transformed it into a tangible dream. Alex, I don't know why you are not the most sought after luthier in the world. I have never seen anything like your craftsmanship and attention to detail. Your work puts every other guitar I have ever touched to shame. Thank you is not enough to say. Just recognize that you have made me a very happy person. All the best, Dave

Alex... After a day of playing "Ana" I can honestly say that this is a pro's guitar. I can see why Bobby Simcox is so supportive of your work. I have played almost all of my life and I have never played a guitar that is so responsive, beautifully set up and rich in tone.

I believe that if Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana or the like ever touched one of your guitars your secret would be the biggest thing in music. I had always thought that your artistry was primarily your design and wood work, but I was very wrong. The absolute technical excellence of your instrument far exceeds anything out there. I'd be interested if your other Zachary Guitar owners have had a similar reaction. Seriously, I am not a great player, but I have enough mileage on my body to have played some pretty fine instruments, but nothing comes close... not even mildly close.

When you pick up the guitar, its balance is immediately noticeable. Then you get struck by the delicate simplicity of the pick up switches. But once you begin to play, the inherent magic of the guitar appears. I really do not know how you do it, only that you do it exceedingly well.

I set up to do some blues though my POD and this guitar seems to know where you want to go and how you want your textures to be. I was just stunned by the resonance. It has the innate tonality of my Taylor 614CE acoustic. I would love to hear what a truly virtuoso artist could do with your guitars.

Anyway, that's my reaction and, despite my quite obvious excitement, I,m not that easily impressed. You really do let God work through your hands. Best, Three Down Dave

Damn, Bro, those ANA Guitars are SWEET!!! I figured he'd go fer the Redwood one. That one Really Stands Out!!! AWESOME WORK, Bro!!! You're the SHIT!!!!     Bobby Simcox