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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

(one piece)

Pau Ferro

Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius
9.5" - 12"

A3 - 7.8 K

A5 - 9 K
7.6 lb


The new Cinnamon Z? Beautiful and tasty too. One piece body. Another flawless weapon to be used in the ongoing battle against the plastic guitar empire. Frank B.

That is a great name for it, Cinnamon. I will call it that. I kept trying to figure out what color it is. Its kind of hard to tell. Then I knew it reminded me of something but didn't know what. I thought it would be Champaign but its not really that color either.   Alex

I'm glad you didn't call it Champagne. Please, never call a guitar "Champagne". Ever. Aside from the fact that Champagne is the colour of stale urine, it's the PRS of the wine world. A very mediocre wine hyped up to be something special solely by virtue of a very high price. The wines of the Champagne region of France are too low in quality to be drunk as they are. So they are are either distilled to make Cognac (or brandy as it's known the English-speaking world) or subjected to a secondary fermentation in the bottle, which increases the alcohol content and makes them fizzy - and sold as Champagne. The process is expensive, so - just like PRS - the French have made a virtue of the price.   Ludwik

Agreed. Champagne sucks. It don't taste too bad when poured over pussy however. The two flavors mingle together quite well. Makes it really juicy, snappy, and bubbly. Kind of like those fizzle stix you ate when you were a kid. Makes your girl giggly, too. Girls are a lot of fun when they are juicy and giggly. I love red wine. Real earthy red wine. The latest Z, 120408, has a nice earthy red tone to it, kinda like red wine. Very nice. I get this Archeo Nero d'Avola from Trader Joe's for $4.99.00 a bottle. It is as good or better than any $300.00 bottle I've tried. Haven't tried it over pussy yet however.   Ted Noiz

Congrats on your new beauty! Now that I truly know how wonderful they are, that guitar must be a joy to play. Simply gorgeous wood, gorgeous fret work. I like the screwed neck and ebony plugs. What a combo of vintage and modern. The trem arm looks absolutely wicked. The red and the gold look so classic and the black sets it off with an edge. This is gonna suprise everyone who hears it and I dare say it will blow the new owner away. I betcha it smells great too!  Tony

My God man, what are you tapping in to? The last 4 Z2's have shot your work into a new realm. Admittedly the work previous is superb, but now the spirit shines brighter and deeper- the still pics almost vibrate. Skank looks and seems to sound really good. I'll contact you later about purchase. Talk again in May. All the best Alex,    Scott

Indeed. It is a tool of great utility and beauty. Unity of purpose incarnate. Eli

Sweet! Simply sweet!      Best JR

Your new guitar is a stunning piece of work. It looks like furniture or a car or something. Not food this time, but a race car. I am very impressed with the string bar you designed. It looks really sturdy and beefy. Real top-notch quality. Definately an "upgrade." Actually, everything about this guitar is top-notch. The new string bar is just the icing on the cake. Man, there is just nothing like this on the market, is there? Not just a standard bar or dinky little string tree, but a whole new string bar and you can only get it on a Zachary guitar. Very well thought out and planned with the two slits for the D and G strings. I can't stop looking at it. I can only imagine the hours of intense design it took and how hard it must have been to get someone to actually make them in small amounts. Well, thanks again for being the best electric guitar builder in the world. I let this singer/songwriter (a la DMB and Jack Johnson) Matt Hartke (His uncle is THE guy who designed and made Hartke amps...no kidding!) play my Z yesterday and he was quite enamored with its beauty and ease of play. It really is a guitar you just can't put down.   Z. Fenner

Alex, THE Z came here today... I cannot descripe my feelings.. it is amazingly light to play, totally balanced... Man, you are a Wizard! Talk to you more when I have overcome my first euforia. THANKS!!! - Kimi (Finland)

Alex, here are my thoughts about the Z:
Amazingly fitting ergonomic, the Z was in tune even after the flight!!! Great sound ,,,, oh man,,, if you accept I will order another one immediately! I need 2 guitars - Z's- not Strats. I have never seen or touched a guitar this quality. In my personal life is some shit happening but playing this guitar makes me forget them. Seriously; will you accept another order of Z from me? Same specs - colour could be different,,,, and that is a minor detail. Thank you, thank you... and waiting that you confirm that you will make me another one. Oh, one more thing; the whammy bar really keeps the guitar in tune. Sheit unbelievable,,, Youda maaan! - Kimi

Alex, this Z is like fucking Stradivarius! The more I play it, the more I love it. Thanks for EXCELLENT guitar. - Kimi

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