"Ned Kelly"           111105

“Ned Kelly”. He was the most remembered outlaw in Australia, and his famous last stand with his steel armor was in a town only about 2 hours drive from here.
He had attitude and didn’t take no shit from no one. I really think it would suit.     Orlando (AU)                  More info below

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
one piece Walnut
Gotoh Sealed

Air Norton
Tone Zone
6.5 lb

Carr Amplifiers       www.zacharyguitars.com

When I look at this creation I'm drawn to the Maple fret board. My eyes just seem to gravitate naturally to this part of canvas. I think it's because the fret board, for me, is the "Stage" of the guitar. This is where the "battles" and "victories" are showcased. The use of Maple only heightens that experience.   Ed (MI)

I am relaxing and having a good, long look at 111105. This is really weird for me because I never think of this stuff, but this guitar makes me think... desert... western... cowboy... tanned leather... tobacco... white straw hat... whiskey. I has all the flavor and the color of the Wild Wild West. The dark brown of the walnut body reminds me of the colors and the flavors of all of the above. The maple fretboard reminds me of a white straw hat. This is a Wild Wild West guitar. She looks like a tough, dusty blonde, tough as a boot, thin as a rail, driving a pickup truck, caught in a whirlwind. She also reminds me of my grandfather who always dressed western style, chewed tobacco, smoked cigars and drank whiskey. At any rate, for me she embodies a real western sense and flavor. She's warm, brown and inviting, cuddly, like a baby grizzly bear, kind of homey and homely - like the girl at the barn dance dance who gets picked last to dance - but turns out to be the best dancer - and the best kisser - and the best wife. The dark walnut almost looks like a plank from a wooden barn floor. She's ugly as can be, Sir.

A few years ago, I was driving through northern Texas and saw this rider exercising a cutting horse in a corral. I stopped on the side of the road to watch the expert rider and his brilliant horse work through their movements. The horse and rider were a perfect match and they maneuvered perfectly together, like all the parts of a Zachary guitar. I will never forget that day. It was a beautiful scene. It was heavenly, lively, stirring. Scenery like that almost makes a guy want to run down to the corral and learn how to be a cowboy.

When I was a kid, we had some Appaloosas. My favorite breed of horse. One of them was a tall spotted mare whose spots were of the same color as this guitar. She was homely and gentle and loving, but incredibly strong, quick-witted, able and sure footed. She was ugly, but she was really put together just the same. She was just perfect. She was beautiful. We called her, Sugar.    Ted Noiz (NV)

Geez,Bro, Ianeke and the Walnut Z2-T look Outstanding!!! Damn, Ianeke seems to Perfectly represent the Lass in the pic!!! Hot Damn!!! Awesome Job, Bro!!!
I also love the way Ya got the maple fretboard on the walnut neck!!! That looks Classy as hell!!! Kinda strikes me as Baby's and Simba's lil Brother!!! Geez, Air Norton and Tone Zone, eh? I bet she gets the Van Halen Blitz for sure!!!    Bobby Simcox

I just saw Simba II. Astounding. Great work, as usual. So you went with walnut for the neck. It should be a great combination with that maple fingerboard. I can't help but think of chocolate when I see this guitar. Milk Chocolate. Damn, now I'm hungry. ;-)
You're right, it is much like Simba, but also very different. The Dimarzio's should be great on this guitar. With the nice woods combination it has and those pickups it should really have a nice bluesy warm tone. This thing has voodoo tone written all over it. A bit like Bloody Red (I was very lucky with that guitar, if that goof hadn't sold it I would never have experienced it's mojo)
I'm not surprised you can't put it down.     David (Belgium-land of chocolate)

Simplicity itself. And more evidence (i'm sure) that the pups only sound as good as the instrument they are in.
This was the real "player" z2 you were talking about.    Eli (NYC)

The Simba II comments make an interesting cultural point. The North American guys think of cowboys and prairies, whereas YUF - from the land of wonderful chocolate (and stinking sewers) - thinks of ... chocolate!     I just think it's yummy. Ludwik (UK)

Hello Alex, Just as I was leaving to go to work at my restaurant late in the afternoon, as I was exiting my street (there are only 3 properties on it) a van was entering it. “I wonder…” I thought. Sure enough my darling wife traveled to my shop and surprised me with the package. I’m pleased to let you know that 111105 has arrived safely in my care.

It is now midnight, and I have been playing it, and admiring it for nearly 2 hours. So, here I go:

First of all, this guitar is different to any thing I have seen at music stores and friend’s collections EVER. It totally screams out LOUD “class” all over! It is for lack of the lack of a better word BEAUTIFUL!! All the photos on your web sight, and there are a few, DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE! Then, there is that certain something about it that sets it even further apart from the rest. The fact that one man with a passion has built it out of LOVE, and not a job as such, with his own hands over a month. It really shows!! All this before I even lifted it out of the case.

The first thing that strikes you when you lift it out is just how light it is. Placing it in any playing position makes it disappear, as it just seams to fit perfectly, and in the right spot. No other guitar I have ever held has ever been so comfortable. The feel of the unadulterated walnut is magic on my hands. The wood is beautiful, but then I’m biased, as I love wood. This before I even strum a chord.

Now, as you know Alex, I do not consider myself a great guitarist, but what I do have a is a good ear. As such I have to say that the tone is so rich, clean, and strong, that if any one cannot hear the difference between a Zachary and any other guitar, beginner or advanced, that person should not bother with an instrument and play the stereo instead (don’t care if I offend anyone here). The Zachary is soooooo far ahead in tone, I cannot get enough of it, and I’m finding myself playing mainly clean, despite the fact that overdriven it kicks ass! I can only imagine what it will sound like with your Supernatural Amp I have on order. I await patiently for that one. I could go on and on, but it has all been already been said over and over. I now know that there are crap guitars, good guitars, great guitars, and then, miles ahead, there are Zachary guitars. I look forward now to the many years ahead of me, developing as a guitarist.

THANK YOU Alex, for allowing me to own such an outstanding instrument. My search is over. I now have my guitar. It will stay with me for ever and I have no desire, at all, to own any other, except perhaps, one day perhaps, should Alex allow, a hollow Zachary. To all the knockers of your work and attitude, forgive them for they know not what they do. I now see how if you do not own a Zachary, it would be impossible to understand. Closed minded fools!! Oh, by the way, in 2 hours I could not, with all I could do, get this instrument to go out of tune even by the tiniest amount!! Incredible! Great work, I look forward to seeing all your future creations.     Best regards, Orlando (Australia)

After listening to the tone of your guitar, looking elsewhere for another is like wanting a black and white mono sound television after having a taste of surround sound colour digital plasma. The only people that couldn’t see how your guitar is so superior are tone deaf, or mentally challenged people, and it looks like there are many of them.    Orlando (Australia)

Australian Ironoutlaw, the Bushranger Ned Kelly is one of Australia's greatest folk heroes. He has been memorialised by painters, writers, musicians, and film makers alike. More books, songs and websites have been written about the Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang than any other group of Australian historical figures. When people are asked what they think of Ned Kelly, the answers are usually fairly extreme. They either see him as a hero who fought for his family and friends, or a bushranger who robbed banks, stole livestock and murdered policemen.

Hi Alex, Just a quick thought… I was cleaning up around my computer room this morning before going to work and found my little electronic guitar tuning gizmo. I had been playing my Ned for months and just took it for granted that it IS in tune, so I thought I might check it anyway, and other than the 2 E's being out by a bee's foreskin (a very small bee, that is, with a little penis), the rest was spot on! Ha ha ha I feel sorry for all those out there for ever tuning their instruments…then again, I don't really. Great work mate, it really makes it such a pleasure to just pick it up and play over and over again with minimal fuss over tune from day to day despite constant use of the tremolo. Orlando

Funny story, I don't believe it but its funny.   Alex

The story is funny but true, once the strings I replaced (they broke) stretched properly, tuning is so stable that it only takes a very very small adjustment once in god knows when to keep perfectly in tune. Amazing and very pleasant indeed.  Orlando

111105 Kicks ass @ music store!! :-)
HI Alex, I organized more guitar coaching for myself (the other dude is busy when I’m free) via the music store my friend owns in the endeavor to keep progressing as a player. Well I went in for the first time today with “Ned Kelly” to meet my teacher, and get acquainted and so forth. This guy was suggested to me by my friend for his skills. Well, Alex, the look on the face of this guy when he sore what come out of that case was priceless! Although he had no knowledge of your guitars, he immediately recognized this was no ordinary run of the mill instrument. The look no this guys face as he was playing it (and I like this guy’s playing), was one of discovery. Like “wow this thing is insane”!! Although it was played mainly unplugged, and then through his student little crappy amp, he LOVED the feel, the balance, the look, the “everything” we know about your instruments, and recognized that only a class “A” tube amp will do for it. HE said what you are building for me sounds really great!! The experience was very positive, and this guy is a “good teacher” as well as a great player. It is amazing how I was taken very seriously as a musician just by my choice of instrument. The session ended with me saying “see you next week” and him answering “Oh yeah, I look forward to seeing that thing again”.

I then proceeded downstairs, where my friend was talking to a few people next to some amps. A quick chat revealed that it wasn’t the Squire I was carrying and he insisted for a look. I took it out of the case and passed “Ned” over to him and he played it for a while in his shop, around friends and customers the like, unplugged. He LOVED it, and I got many compliments from others around on what e beautiful instrument it is. I almost got the feeling that everyone is so used to seeing the same old same old, that when something new shows up it is very refreshing. Naturally, in real life these instruments command a presence that cannot be duplicated by any of the photos on the computer.

Thank you again my friend for all your art, and allowing me to own some of it. You will hear from me very soon regarding the amp which I’m really busting for!! Take care, Orlando (AU)