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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

(one piece)

Pau Ferro


*Dual Size
Fender Nocaster
neck and bridge

3-way pickup select
phase switch

screwed ZOG 9+ RW 7 lb


with case


I rarely go to the mall because there is not much to look at and women my age are fat an ugly these days but during the holidays I went to one of those big book stores where you can look at all the magazines. I noticed a rack full of every guitar magazine under the sun and they all seemed to have the exact same message; not surprising and as expected. Most of them included the “2012 Buying Guide" or the “Best of 2011 Gear Awards”. So I was franticly flipping through the pages of every magazine, looking for any mention of Zachary stuff. I thought they would be eager to mention the introduction of the new ZT (60th anniversary Telecaster design update), which I am so excited about, or a deservedly detailed article about the ZOG strings phenomena, or at least a mention of the upcoming new Z pedal. However, unless I am blind, to my surprise I found nothing about any Z gear or any Z innovations in any of the guitar magazines. I could not believe this. If I missed it somehow, someone please point it out to me. Otherwise, call me a conspiracy nut because I think these wicked magazine moguls from Brooklyn are deliberately trying to prevent you from knowing about me or that Zachary guitars even exists.

I have no clue as to why they would want to keep you in the dark. Is there something not right about me? I have even now started questioning my own abilities and self worth. How can fervent liberals be this intolerant even if I am a bit different from them. Why would they go against the values and wishes of their own beloved and chosen president, who feels that everyone should be given equal opportunity for success. This is definitely not an example of equality. This is a blatant violation of the most important of all liberal principles and code of conduct. Where did tolerance go? I am not sure what it could be but why would they want to hide what I do from you? Why are they so afraid of people finding out about the Z world? This is not fair or professional to any of you guitar enthusiasts who are interested in everything guitar; the good, the bad and the ugly. Call me naive but I always thought that those in the media have an obligation to report all the news and do it in an unbiased fashion, just like Fox News says “We report and YOU decide” I believe some of what I do is at least a bit newsworthy, especially considering all the lame examples they did include as product winners, which they gave awards to in their year-end reviews and endorsements. Does anyone even read these magazines anymore? Maybe not and they are of no consequence anyway. What a worthless bunch of shysters, giving you selective brainwashing.

In any event, I am dejected and here is my humble offering as the last Zachary guitar of 2011, which will win no rewards, will not be endorsed by any guitar magazine editor and will go totally unnoticed by 99.999% of all guitar fanatics world wide. My whole life’s work goes unnoticed and it seems I have absolutely no relevance in the guitar world ... except to only those who count.


There is something in reference to the intimately exposed centerfold on this page. It brought back some memories which happened years ago. It must have been at least 12 years ago or more when I first made a Zachary Z1 guitar with a Pine body. I could not believe the uproar it caused among Circle Jerks, as if I had committed some kind of a sacrilege against the PRS gods. To the Circle Jerks, it was proof that I was Satan. They had never heard of using Pine for a guitar. Whatever they knew about guitars, all came from PRS ads and they had never heard Pine mentioned in any PRS marketing. Of course forum jerks are dumb fucks and they don't know their guitar history. I would not expect them to know that that the Leo Fender Telecaster prototypes were made of Pine. However, Leo didn't use Pine for any tonal considerations, it wasn't by design. For Leo, it was purely necessity, convenience and economy.

My Z1 was the first pine guitar Circle Jerks had ever seen and they were shocked by it. The fact that I used Knotty Pine made it even more disturbing for them. Remember this was when the blitzkrieg of PRS advertising really paid off for Carlos Santana and his company. Such marketing costs a fortune and makes guitar magazines rich, so no wonder PRS has been winning awards ever since. All this marketing also succeeded to brainwash a whole generation of Circle Jerks world wide and they were taught that PRS was the very definition of the modern guitar. Then I come along with a Pine guitar and no wonder the mad mob of Circle Jerks were ready to burn me at the stake as a heretic and an infidel.

Pine bodies are all over the place now, considered cool and legit. Be ready to soon see a Pine PRS model straight from their private reserve of coveted woods for all those Circle Jerks who have long forgotten their violent firestorm years ago about my Pine Z1 and are now ready to purchase a Pine guitar from a legitimate corporation. Yes, they have impressively progressed to this point by now and I take credit for it. The initial shock has all been forgotten and now Pine is legitimate and is acceptable to be used for guitars. They were shocked and offended when I introduced Pine first but Circle Jerks everywhere now except Pine, as long as a guitar magazine or Santana's boy Friday tells them its cool. This is how subservient they are to corporate influence.

Where are all those Circle Jerks now, who were so against a pine bodied guitar 12 years ago and said it cannot possible sound like anything. How dare anyone deviate from the norm as outlined by the guitar industry? Circle Jerks are a flash in the pan with never any substance or tenacity, perpetually frightened of exposure, accountability and incapable of any form of achievement. In short they are quintessential losers. This is why they are what they are, worthless Circle Jerks. They defecate through the internet, spew their stupidity, then peter away to nothingness while a new crop of circle jerks emerges to do it all over again. The Circle jerk phenomena is worthy of in-depth scientific study by any sociology student who may be a Circle Jerk himself. It seems as though Circle Jerks clone themselves like bacteria and are immune to any antidote of knowledge. Like flies or mosquitoes, each individual example is a clone of another within the species; where there is one, there are thousands. Its also possible that Circle Jerks don't really exist, only virtually on chat forums. Who would give any attention to a Circle Jerk in real life? In the real world they have no potency and are rarely noticed, they are the rejected and the irrelevant, not only because of their stupidity but due to their incapacity for achievement. I wonder if circle jerks are simply a caustic byproduct of the internet itself; kind of like an internet bowel movement. It seems as though no one could foresee guitar forums as the perfect refuge of the universal loser. Quite freaky when you think about it.

Generations of circle jerks come and go but I am still here with unrivalled tenacity and consistency. Unwaveringly pursuing my relentless vision of exposing brutal reality to anyone who can handle it. I should at least be given credit for being the first to introduce Pine guitars to the stunned and stunted guitar consumer. I use Pine forcefully, overtly, unapologetically and by deliberate design.

Happy New year everyone.    Don't try being Me ... you will hurt yourself.


I think that this guitar certainly would have made it onto those 2011 "great" lists if you had marketed it as the "60th Anniversary Betty B. Zacharycaster Custom Reliced Signature Series." Complete with custom hand sanded relicing by hand picked dwarves from Automaton-land, utilising their special and uniquely cultural sanding techniques. List price of $27,000 (without extra special acruements and features too numerous to mention in the blitz of advertising) and limited to 999 pieces signed by the head of the Department of Redundancy Department. And remember the ads with *place guitar heroes name here* with it slung over his/her shoulder looking cool and subsequent payola will definately impress the guitar mag editors to talk it up so much that every two bit "collector" will need it for his under glass collection spawning the re-issue import series starting at a mere $17,000 (without extra special acruements and features too numerous to mention in the blitz of advertising).

Alex, its a good thing that there is someone in this guitar playing world with a sense of decency and pride in what they do. Thank you for yet another beautiful example of craftsmanship. We all really want to hear these ZT's in action though!   Regards,   Jeff

Though I could do without the Betty Boop sticker, the new Z looks really cool. It's gotta be so resonant with the pine body, and paired with the maple neck, it probably has a very balanced tone. I agree with your rant about guitar magazines ignoring you. You're like the Ron Paul of guitar makers, swept under the rug out of fear and jealousy. As soon as they mention you, their house of cards starts tumbling down.  Nick

Very organic. So organic that if you said you cut the body piece from our old barn door, I would belive you. That's waht it should be all about. Also the straight mounting of the bridge pickup, like on a lap steel. Must me a tone monster. Could this actually be the very first Tele prototype you found?    Adam

Alex,  As somebody else already mentioned - I have been enjoying the Tele binge that you have been on lately.
I like the various improvements you made on some of these - such as simply cutting away the lower horn to get better upper fret access - especially since there are 24 frets there to utilize - and still obviously retains the 'Tele' look (though my personal preference is the traditional round end rather than the reverse cutaway). Also the reduced thickness of the body at the neck joint making it easier to spend time on the upper frets but not give up any of the contact area between body and neck. And, of course, the removable Bigsby, which is a nice bit of practical ingenuity. The different pickups and wirings you are using are intriguing - especially the Don Mare Roy Buchanan pickups. Would really like to hear how those sound on your guitars - especially my own F1 :)

I still remember years ago going to Guitar Center with the intention of buying a Tele and enough cash in my pocket to pick any one I wanted. After playing every Tele they had in the store I left empty handed. None of them felt good enough to want to take home. I think it's simply because they are mass produced and lack character. But who wants to pay for a custom shop model that is pretty much the same thing but put together properly?     Mark

Looking at your guitars, I notice a crisp attention to detail that makes my Ibanez Jem look like a cheap Guitar Center toy. The neck pockets are too tight for a neutrino to fit through. Many that look to have been a an anyeurism-inducingly painstaking wiring job, for the sake of preserving as much wood as possible. I also like the REFRESHINGLY DISTINCT LACK OF PLASTIC. Everything that can be wood, is. At a passing glance, they seem innocuous. Looking deeper, you can tell there is a utilitarian elegance to everything. It's a transparent medium for the guitarist's style to shine through. In another year or two, when the frets are falling out of my Jem, I think I'll give you a call. :D

Happy new Year! Love 101211! Loved the design – reminds me of simpler more genuine days. This is like 151011’s sweeter sister. But I bet she can keep up with her in every department.   Yordys


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