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I honestly love your attitude. If someone is a true artist, and makes (truly) good art, they deserve to be dickheads about it. What would someone think of an artist that did not fully and completely believe in what he has commited his life to? If you weren't an incredible asshole, I wouldn't be interested, because I would know you weren't all that interested when you built it.   Jordan (USAF)


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint

Top: Padauk

Back: Walnut


*Dual Size

Compound Radius


A3, 7 K

A5, 8.4 K

3-way sellctor +
coil tap
7.2 lb

Vids and Sound Files:     091208_01.wmv     - through the SKANK, low gain mode, no pedals, both pickups on in single coil mode.
This is as clean as the SKANK gets with the gain turned right down and the master only at 9 o'clock for a low volume bedroom recording level.


Alex, The Z2-T was waiting for me yesterday afternoon when I got home and I was blown away when I opened the case and picked her up…I said to myself wow…light…streamline and as pretty as the pictures…definitely a precise device, check out the lines and oh she’s a little cold from the ride home. So I made a fire set her down in the case with the top open, jumped in the shower and began cooking dinner.

After returning mom and her home care assistant to her home, I settled down with this newbie and thought how I was in a bit unfamiliar territory. I never played a Z2 and the fret board and neck felt wider than my Strat and wow it continued to widen as it returns to the body. This gives you room for your hands and fingers when playing at and below the 12th…a much more comfortable feel.

It took about 1 hour before my fingers began falling onto the frets. I always thought my Strat was set up but I’ve never played anything that compares to the Z2-T. When you play a chord that stretches you out and can be a bit crampy…its amazing how effortlessly this guitar lays the strings down on the frets and chords come alive without a buzz from the bar position. I played all weekend and am getting my fingers in shape with the 10’s…had a lot of fun and look forward to many, many great notes with the Z2-T.

Thank you,   Steve (owner)

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