Sadowsky Bass Guitars Basses Guitar      091003

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Pau Ferro
8.1 lbs.

Here is a bass you will not find anywhere. Notice the Korina body and notice all the worm holes. This bass is light weight, sounds huge and the pickups are tremendous. I wanted to go with a very simple look and a simple traditional bridge. Both knobs say volume but the back one is actually a tone knob. Normally you will never see a tone knob on a Zachary guitar but I agree that on a bass its needed. The strings are a custom set that I made up to have equal tension on all strings. I have no idea why all manufacturers make string sets that are not equal tension but it really bugs me when one string is tighter than the other.

The shorter 32" scale makes this bass a guitar players wish come true. It is very easy to get around on for someone who may not be a bass player. The action is low and the neck is very straight. Ready for high performance action.

Hi Alex, After using my new Z1-Bass on sessions, I have three words for you: it's fucking great. I've owned numerous basses, including vintage Fenders, Thunderbirds, Alembics, and Rics. Nothing comes close to the one you created regarding organic feel, tone, versatility, playability, and craftsmanship. Anything other than a Z-Bass is just lifeless wood and metal masquerading as a bass. This bloody bass is alive! The Z-Bass will most certainly appeal to guitar players who also play bass because of it's light weight, low action, and shorter scale. I've used the bass on two tracks now and I'm putting all my others on eBay. God only knows how good the new Zach Tele will be. Just let say the word when you're ready for the deposit. Best, Rob

The Zach bass is kicking major ass every time I use it in a session. It's the best bass on the market. Rob