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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint
624 mm
Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius
7.5" - 12"

8.5 K

11 K
3-way sellctor +
phase switch
6 lb


This is the sister guitar to 200708 . It has the same narrower neck with Gibson string spacing at the nut and at the bridge. A light one in weight but a heavy one on tone. I hear Billy Gibbons likes light weight guitars. This would be perfect for him but he would still have to send me a short home video to qualify for it. I am sure he would want to put a Fender, Gretsch or whatever logo on it, which he usually does but I would not be happy about. A pro guitar player is nothing but a prostitute these days. Well the world has changed. The founding fathers of rock guitar like Hendrix, never had to pimp themselves to any company which paid them to play their gear. What do you think about that comment Joe Satriani? Am I off base here? Do you also sell life insurance and house mortgages?

I decided to also sell the sister guitar 200708. These two sisters would make a perfect matching set for a lawyer. Although I hear that some lawyers have fallen on hard times these days and have to sell all their boutique guitar gear when they are expecting a newborn. Sad situation. Regardless, they are my favorite people and I am so honored to build guitars for them every chance I get. They are the guitar consumers from hell, worshipped by all guitar boutique stores.
That's all for now. See you next month for something completely different once again.

Sweet on Sweet. That's an amazing pair Alex. They look so good together, the blond and the red head. Cuddling, spooning, 69. These two were made for each other. These are wonderful "mistakes". It's always worth the wait for your next unveiling. Always a smile, always a surprise. You rock! Tony

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So very nice. I love the no inlays on the fretboard of #2. Just a smooth as silk field of play. Eli

I love the look of no inlays as well. It really opens up the board. Makes it look bigger, deeper or something. Simple. My Zachary G4 with it's Pau Ferro board can mesmerize after a while. Tony

Aha, the twin sister appears. Now we can appropriately name them. Beautiful and toneful they are certainly. Perhaps Mary and Madeleine (go ahead Google it) Seems appropriate as these are Alex's first guitar porn twins! Frank

I wish I were a lawyer So I could buy that matching set of Z2-SP's...and play the hell out of them. I've restrung Bloody Red with 10's, ZOG of course, and am now playing her every day at home. I'd been neglecting my duties so have to make it up to her. Bloody Red's my "home" axe, while Simba and Namaste are my "band" guitars. All in all, I have jawdropping tone, and the last thing I need is another guitar, but I still felt a pang of longing for those SP Twins. In other words, I'll be damned if you didn't do it again. David

Well beyond sweet. Stunning, even. But even if I were up on porn stars, I'd have to reluctantly pass on these beautiful ladies, even the Avodire Odalisque (200708). Gibson necks are on the narrow side for my fat fingers and big hands. And, whereas the lack of DPMs on the Padauk Perfection adds undeniable elegance, I find there's too much parallax error with side markers on the highest frets. Ludwik

I'll be brief, you are hearing this same sentiment from all the others. Perfect. Gorgeous. Inspiring. This photo does this (and it's sister) justice. Yin and Yang: balance. Very nice, Alex. I can't stop coming back to see the next creation. Regards, Jeff

The thing to keep in mind with Z lust is....they are all really ONE guitar on a philosophical design level. On the level of physical acoustic response they are more similar to one another than they are to any other guitar. So really if you have ONE Z....you have 90% of what is great about ALL of them. I have gotten a chance to play a couple of Zs that were not mine. YES. All the Zs I played were different, to be sure. Variations in eq of the way the pups hit the amp and so on. Neck a little chunkier or a little less so. ...but ALL shared the basic “Z thing”. All of them, regardless of scale, trem, pups, bolt on or glue in, etc had that FEELING of acoustic resonance and solidity. A certain unity and integrity to the sound and feel. We all know this on an intuitive level. Every one I played is a great instrument. That is why my jealousy over each new and refined Z quickly evaporates. If I can get inspired on any Z...I can get inspired on ONE Z. I just feel happy that somebody will be getting this experience that I get every day.....but for the first time. We are not missing out folks. We are lucky as it is. Enjoy.

Keep in mind...i love all 3 of my Z guitars completely...it is only that my recognition of their shared qualities overwhelms any jealousy I may experience upon contemplating the LATEST Z to be created each month or so. Eli

Looking at the photos on 090908 again. The way the grain lines match the body shape on the back is amazing. That kind of attention to detail is stunning. It could not be an accident. This could be in the Museum of Modern Art somewhere. But it would not get played, so let's forget about that. But it IS true. I sent a clip of my last thing to an old friend (actually my next door neighbor I learned to play guitar with when I was 14) along with a link to my Z2T on the z site. His comment: Sick guitar - just sick. So there is something about the Padauk Z2 no doubt. I want to own them all, but it would be too selfish. One must share. Frank

Damn, what a magnificent pair! For those of you who have never actually done it with two or three at the same time, you don't know what you are missing, guarantee you that. Try it sometime, as often as you can and as often as you like. You won't be disappointed. It's even better than it looks in the pictures. Ted

Hey, just saw the new Z2 - love it. That is some serious wood and I love the closeups of the surface. Makes a great match for the other guitar. They could make beautiful music together, but not if they are owned by a lawyer..... In fact, you will probably get sued soon for your commentary on the Lords of Legality there. I've seen those ads on TV - "Have you been injured at work? In a car accident? Or insulted by guitar builders? Call now!!"   Mark

Just got to see the little sister!!    All I gotta say is.. "Little sister won't you please please please... Little sister won't you please please please... ...... ...... Little sister won't you do what your big sister does." :-)     Orlando

Yeah, I keep telling myself that but that Avodire one still gives me a hard on. I am such a sucker for the black hardware. I gotta wait for a fat (fingerboard) one some day. I've got the long finger thing going and now that I have played the fat Zs, I am even more convinced. All this rationalizing makes me feel better and moderates the lust. Frank

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