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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Pau Ferro
624 mm
Vintage Style
24 Medium
Neck: ZachAttack
A3 - 7.66

ZachAttack A5 - 9.0

5.1 lb

No Kidding!


with Case


Here is one of these interesting guitars which goes beyond explanation. One which turned out unexpectedly. When I first plugged it in I said "WoW! what the hell do I have here?" All I knew is its a guitar I cannot put down.

This is a small guitar with a vintage Gibson scale yet it has the biggest most throaty tone I ever heard. The ZOG 10 strings make it work wonderfully of course. With a regular set of 10-46 it simply would not be the same and would be truly compromised.

But why does it sound the way it does? Well let's add it up. The body is a wood that I bought because it was light and looked interesting, I had no idea how light and soft it really is until the body was already cut out and I was working on it. In some ways soft wood is easier to work with of course but in other ways its harder to work with. For one thing, wood this soft is constantly work damaged. If set down on anything marks become noticeable in the wood. Ones fingernails will chew up the wood. The body itself was feather light, as if it was made of Styrofoam. Its also the lightest guitar I ever made, at 5.1 lbs, if you can imagine that. Its as light as a Parker but does not sound like a Parker. Like I said, its the thickest sound you will ever hear from a guitar.

To get an idea of how soft this wood is, take a look how the string ferules in the back sunk into the wood. The feel of this wood is like the construction Styrofoam you buy at building centers. Its extremely light and soft. I would say it has the characteristics of Spruce or Cedar. What this does to the tone is filter the vibration in such a way that different frequencies come out and some get suppressed. The attack of the notes is also altered and different. I kept looking to see if I had my Wah or any other pedal on or if the amp settings were off, but it was just the natural tone of this guitar. I like the tone this wood gives so much that I decided not to disclose the wood. Too many out there are watching what I do, instead of coming up with their own ideas, designs and creations. I guess not everyone was born creative.

The neck needed to be as light as possible as well to match this feather-light body. The neck is quartersawn light Mahogany with Pau Ferro fingerboard, lightweight vintage tuners with plastic buttons and short scale. Of course every detail had to be correct and nothing but a light Aluminum knob would be allowed.

So everything about this guitar is light weight and softness. Yet the tone is a mean growl.

A guitar like this truly has everything you will ever need. It has to be the most versatile guitar created. The pickups are wonderful and give you so many option with the switching system that has become a trade mark of Zachary guitars. I did not include a tone control. There is no reason for it at all.

This guitar is a joy to play clean and in single coil mode. This is because its so thick and full in sound. The tone is a thick as a brick. It has presence and it just sings as opposed to the thin anemic sound of most guitars when played through a totally clean amp.

The good news is that I made this guitar in 2 weeks. However I knew right away, this guitar was not going anywhere. The bad news is that I am not getting ahead in filling these orders if I continue in this way keeping each guitar I make. I will start on the next one immediately to make up for it.

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