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This guitar has been a long time in the making. I started on it about six months ago. I wanted to wait until I had the necessary tremolo cavity router templates. These had to be custom made by a local machine shop to my specs. After going through 3 machine shops I finally got my templates. I also had to wait a long time to get my ZachAttack pickup masters made. The first two were ruined by the machine shop and two new ones had to be made. This all took a lot of time.

In addition I thought for sure I lost the body when I noticed that the Bloodwood was chipping like crazy on my router table. Bloodwood is very hard and very brittle. Instead of cutting it, a router bit just rips it apart. Luckily I avoided disaster. There was just no way I would loose such a nice piece of wood and expensive too.

The guitar plays great. It has the big fat frets I love and a very fast action. The tremolo is flawless and works together with the "Mission Impossible" nut to give you virtually perfect tuning with madman whammy abuse. Please note that my guitars are always set up with 2 heavy duty springs. This is what works best and the springs do not bottom out. The pictures of this guitar were taken showing 3 light springs but this was just an experiment and I did not like the way they felt and since the trem travels all the way down the springs bottomed out at the end of their travel when they lost tension. I quickly converted it back to the 2 spring set up which is fully floating and very sensitive and light to touch. The tremolo becomes addictive and you can't help but do all kinds of weird tricks with it. In fact you spend more time doing that than actually playing tunes. Its more like a trick guitar. I could never understand how VanHalen only wanted his trem to go down. Might as well have it go both ways, you have a lot more to work with and you can be that much more expressive. Eddy, if you want to comment on this, just send me an e-mail but I thing you are really loosing out by using the trem to just go down in pitch. I know why SRV only wanted his trem to go down. He was lucky to keep that crappy guitar in tune after he even touched the trem. He also had a terrible time keeping the strings from breaking. I know that he had to puit a rubber under the high E string where it comes out of the block and this helped slow down some of the breakage. He sure had great tone though.

Anyway, it took talent on loan from God to eliminate these age old problems of tremolo guitars but I did it. No longer will your trem guitar go out of tune and you will not break any strings either, or at least it will be very rare. Oh well, its just part of making the best electric guitar in the world.

The new pickups are a perfect fit and they look great too. I wanted them to look aggressive and one of the reasons I wanted pickups that I designed myself is to get the polepiece spacing correct. Many commercially available pickups are not exact in the pole piece spread and trying to get them to change anything is impossible. Mass production pickup makers only care about units sold, they don't really care about making perfectly designed products. That sure goes for guitar manufacturers as well. If crap sells, they will make crap and lots of it.

It is a magic moment each time I plug a guitar in for the first time. Its almost a sensual experience. The guitar looses its virginity. This is when I get my first and a very immediate impression of what the guitar plays and sounds like. All Zachary guitars play very much the same but there is sound variation between them and a different resonant character due to the large variety of woods I use. This guitar was also unique in that it was the first one with the finalized version of the ZachAttack pickups.

What did it sound like when I first plugged it in? Brown sound. That is how I can describe it. Playing it clean it is very warm and big. No harshness, not metallic sounding, no peaks or valleys, just a very smooth thick and warm sound. A big sound with lots of sustain. I have never heard a tremolo guitar sustain like this.
When putting the gain up all the way the sound is just so thick you can cut it with a knife. Just a huge wall of sound, with endless sustain so that you can do all your fancy tricks, including endless taping and huge powerchords. Yes, it does remind me of VanHalen. You know that thick warm distortion that feels very comfortable to play. You also get the different switching options as well. With just a flick of the switch you can cut a coil in either pickup and make it into a single coil. Its a very versatile guitar for any type of playing.     Enjoy the pictures, I am going back to play.


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint Color
Quilted Maple, Bloodwood
Quilted Maple, Bloodwood
All Natural
6.5 lbs.