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Alex is trying to build a myth around himself as an Uber-luthier whose work is sacrosanct, and I'm sorry but I am not one of those who worship him. What pisses me about him is that he slags off other bettter luthiers in the attmpt to prove that he is the best in the world (ha,ha, in his dreams).   Emmanuel Arinze
Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint


Hard Maple


from 5 piece hardwood flooring

Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius

Zachary Vintage Spec.

Master Volume

Neck Tone,
Middle Tone

On/Off Switch for each pickup

7.3 lb

Audio of this guitar: 

Fabulous. What a creation. I need it so badly. It appears to be available. I dig the tasty mix of chrome and black. Most certainly it has a tone that kills, I would bet. The necessary trem. I am one of those who must learn to live with less. As I have a 7 string in the hopper (I hope!) somewhere I must delay gratification. (Not that I would necessarily be selected even if I were to throw my $$ into the ring.) As usual the cat is totally cool.   Frank

This is IT. The definitive Strat. Boots was cool but this is uber. The Canarywood top looks like molten caramel flowing over silk. Ebony is not only the most sensual wood under the fingers, it's blackness draws the eye to the stunning body. I don't know why other Strat builders don't use separate p/up switches. It's more versatile and easier to use than the original 3-pos switch and the now-standard 5-pos switch. BTW, I love the Zachs which feature an "unknown wood". To me, it epitomises the essence of Z - who gives a shit what the wood is, if it plays and sounds like no other.   Ludwik

A Strat O' Strats! Long time since you built a Z3 and it was well worth the wait. That neck wood kind of looks like mahogany and has some very interesting and definitive grain coming out from the body I love the contrast front and back. Beautiful flow in the Canary and stark simplicity around back. No doubt it sounds like all Strats were supposed to sound. Wonderful! Thankyou! If your back into making vids lets hear this wild pony. Can you actually select all 3 pups at once?   Tony

Tony, Miss October is a reaction to your original comments about the David Gilmour Stratocaster Fender limited addition relic replica. Do you remember that stupid thing? Its for sale at your local Fender dealer right now. I wanted to show what could be done, instead of that Fender/Gilmour stupidity. I told you I was going to "show" Gilmour. You gave me the motivation Tony. Here I have a better guitar and I also play a lot faster than David Gilmour does. He does have a little more money than I do however. I will not challenge him on that. I have no desire to.  Alex

This Z3 is so fucking nice it makes me sick!! What a machine!    Orlando

Looks like a beast. This is a guitar that you would not want to leave alone in a room with a Strat because you would return and the Strat would be smashed to pieces. A locked door mystery.    Eli

Yes, this is exactly what happened with Yngwie's monstronsity (Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute Series Stratocaster). " Z WILL SMASH!!! "    Tony

Wow, I was totally blindsided by this one - just didn't see it coming. I've been playing and recording my Z3 quite a lot lately. The acoustic qualities of a Z3 are so impressive - resulting in a nice palette of tones (as you will hear soon). Now, this one - with this single coils and trem - must sound incredible. I could really do some serious recording with this and the Zachary Skank amp. Also, it just occurred to me that when I saw this, a Strat did NOT come to mind - it's in a different class. Damn, this is a MUST HAVE Z....... Very impressed.....   Mark

Alex, 061008 is the essence of simplicity, yet incredibly complex. Many guitars rapidly peak and become stale, they are not played, nobody cares if they break, and they create no feelings and opinions. They may even be tainted, having been manufactured for the single purpose of gaining the most profit with the least substance. 061008 on the other hand has a completeness to it both the untrained and trained eye, heart, hands and brain can discover and respect. As such it is destined to describe an ever more complex path throughout its life. If only the nature of all man-made objects were like 061008. It actually looks like it can be done.   Otto

061008 is incredible, by the way. A friend of mine was in the house this morning, looking over my shoulder as I was having a look at her. He said, "I don't play and I don't know shit about guitars, but it looks to me like you could whip somebody's ass with that thing." I couldn't have said it better myself.   Ted Noiz


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