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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: some sort of Rosewood ?

Back: Bloodwood
(one piece)


Gotoh Sealed


Prototype 7 string

The Pimps and the Whores

Here is a 7-string like no other. A standard for what a 7 string should be. A standard I hope that all others will be measured against.
This time, I have not only taken a guitar model and corrected it, I now took a whole category of guitar and made it obsolete. As I have taken a major segment of the guitar industry, namely strings sets and made them obsolete as you have known them.
This guitar would not function or even exist without String Optimization and ZOG strings. What the world has known as a 7 string guitar is nothing less then an abomination and an embarrassment to human achievement. Its an example when something is produced for all the wrong reasons, without insight, without honor and without pride.

Its actually an embarrassment what passes as a 7-string at the stores. Most people as usual are ignorant, uneducated and therefore gullible. This is why they follow the insincere pimps who pay players to use their products. Mindlessly and greedily the whores follow without advancing or improving anything in the guitar world. They make no effort and have no interest. As long as they see the money they will push any product indiscriminately and with no standards. The pimps and the whores always work together, they need each other, they only worship the golden calf, nothing else.

Guitar morons then follow them mindlessly. The result is insincerity, no goal or vision for excellence and most of all no substance. Not much of substance is left unfortunately. Instead of great and real instruments, you get figured tops, plastic gloss and pre-manufactured tone. Instead of your own personal tone, you get computer modeling. Dweezil Zappa will push it down your throat as the superior new thing. These days it is claimed that you can sound like anyone and you can be anyone. How about just being you and sounding like you. There is no money in that for the shysters. The goal is to remove the playing from the guitar as much as possible. I say let's put the playing back in and end the video game mentality. There is nothing "virtual" about the guitar, its actually brutally real or its not a guitar and its not playing..

As I was creating this instrument I couldn't stop thinking that Steve Vai and the company he works for should be ashamed.
The guitar industry angers me and they drive me to shame them every month. Its what I live for and what motivates me. Creation is what its all about.


Playing a 7-String

Well, I have news for you guys regarding the playing of a 7 string. I didn't have much experience playing 7 string in the past and let me tell you it is surprisingly easy to play and to get used to. I agree with your feelings of confusion and disorientation on the 8 string but NOT on the 7 string. The 7 string is easy and offers you a lot in return. Playing ZOG 7 string sets is a total joy and it is very piano like with the additional long 26" scale. It feels like a cross between a guitar and a harp. Best of all it really works technically. You get the feeling that this is the only way it can and should be.

Physically and technically the Z guitar design and the ZOG strings make the instrument into something new and ultimate when it comes to 7 string guitars. This is why I referred to it as NOT being anything like any other 7 string you may have tried or what has been offered up to now. Other 7 string gutiars are nothing short of useless.

So give the 7 string a chance. First of all, on the 7 string you only have one extra string and its the same as your high B string. So all you do is, if all else fails and you are not exactly Lenny Breau, then just do on the low B what you are doing on the high B and you will be fine. If you just remember this rule, you will be on your way to being creative and inventive on the instrument. In fact, if you play the 7 string for just a few days, you will actually wonder why you would want to go back to the 6 string. The 7 string is much fuller sounding when using the low B. If you involve the low B, you get a much thicker chord sound and of course more range in each position for single note playing.

Also since the low B is tuned a 5th down from the E, you can play bar chords for rock, the same way you would on the low E, except you get these massive sounding low and dark bar chord. It is really cool. Play it and in no time you will bet inventive and get used to it surprisingly fast. At first you don't even have to use the low B, since you can play anything you want as a 6 string on the upper 6 strings. Then gradually start incorporating the low B. The trick to it is to first only use the low B for solo work, which is easy. Then gradually incorporate the low B in your chords. Very nice.

It is a tremendous challenge to optimize strings for the extra low string even on a 26" scale, so I am seriously baffled how the "store" string sets can be used at all. My 060807 has a set of ZOG11 7-string set on and it does work and sound like a piano. I put the 11 set on because it was requested. However, I don't even think an 11 set for 7 string is available from the string companies. They offer only 9s and 10s for seven string. I am totally baffled how anyone can use those sets. One can get away with an undertensioned low E but there is no way a grossly undertensioned low B will even function. It simply will not work.

For 7 string guitar a 10 set is the absolute minimum and that has to be ZOG as well to make it work. Without optimization, without a long 26" scale it will simply not work and its just rubbish. A 7 string set must be very carefully optimized. It makes me wonder what the hell do they get out of a regular 9 7-string set or even a 10 7-string set, which are not Optimized? And why didn't anyone notice there was something wrong? What about all these big-name endorsers of the major guitar companies? Didn't they notice the rugular string sets are an attorcity? It only proves that 7-string players are even bigger idiots then 6 string players, which is really scary. I am seriously baffled how they can sell those severely tension-incorrect sets and how anyone can use them.

One thing I had to do is to drill out the low B tuner hole, because the ZOG low B would not go through it. This is really easy to do if you have just a little brains and skill and the correct drill bit. Its funny that guitar tuner manufacturers have not heard of ZOG strings and/or string companies are making undertensioned low B strings just so they will fit existing small tuner holes. What a disgusting industry. The disinterest, ignorance and insincerity is overwhelming.

Another interesting point to highlight is that visually the neck of the 7 string looks wide but very interestingly, it does not feel wide and it would take you all but 5 minutes to get used to it. I made the string spacing at the nut identical to the Zachary 6 string necks and surprisingly the 7 string does not feel wide. It just feels right, given the 7 strings. Yes, the 8 string is a big challenge I admit but NOT the 7 string. So, all I can say is that those of you who found the 7 string daunting, must of spent very little time with it and dismissed it immediately, without giving it a chance. It must have been a psychological block more then an actual reason. I will say, play with the 7 string for 3 consecutive nights and you will love it and it will even feel strange to go back to your 6 string.

Damn,Bro, the 7-string is just Mind Numbingly BRILLIANT!!! i LOVE the Blonde sandwiched btw the Rose and Blood!!! Geez, that almost sounds pornographic!!! You ARE the Shit,Bro!!! You constantly Amaze me!!! JUST WOW!!!    Love Ya, bobby    (Simcox)

Alex You have again surpassed yourself and continue to put others in the guitar industry to shame. Well done!
Best JR                              I would call 060807 "Pinnacle"

That may be the slickest looking Z of all time. That is one elegant deluxe limo with the long scale, contoured smooth body, wide ebony board....wow! And more importantly.....imagine the thunder of the properly gaged low string. We are looking at a piano here. Personally I tried playing 7 string a while ago....but I was not good enough. I could not handle this other string. And wider neck. It felt really wrong and I did not really know what to do with it. It felt really disorienting. But for the RIGHT player.....some scary shit is going to go down with walking bass and multi octave runs. Congrats Alex!!   Eli

Alex, Wow!!!!! Youíve done it again and Iím just speechless. I think all of your guitars are gorgeous, but the Z2-7 just took my breath away. Youíve outdone yourself on this one. BTW I went into the local Guitar Center recently to buy a harmonica and I couldnít bring myself to even look at the guitars on the wall. I got my harmonica and left the store with a big grin on my face because I knew that the Z2-T that Iíve ordered will put to shame anything the GC could possible have. Keep it up. Terry Norvell, Lexington, Ky

Your 113th guitar...what a journey to the Z2-7. It was made for ZOG strings and ZOG strings were made for her (Perfect marriage) With same logic you could make a six string bass that would play incredibly smooth and be sonically inspiring. I hope the owner knows what he has, great work Maestro. Ed

Alex, Perfectly beautiful. I am sure it sounds as good as it looks. Another work of art, but beyond I am certain its a fine musical instrument. I'm looking forward to hearing the music it produces. Frank

Holy fuck!!! I have been anticipating this Zachary 7 string forever! Sorry for the strong language, but that is the baddessst asss guitar I have ever seen... This one will keep those 7 string forum twats twitching for weeks. Congrats Alex! I'm glad it wasn't a mandolin. -James

I tried playing an Ibanez 7 string once. It definately felt weird. Like being on another planet or something. I love this new Z. That b string must sound huge. I would blow my speaker right out of it's cab with that monster. That might be the most interesting top I've ever seen. It is gorgeous. I love the "sandwich" effect Alex put on this guitar. It looks totally different from the behind, and the 'stripe' is something I haven't seen on a Z before. Zachary F.

Truly awesome. I suspect a certain Mr Gumboyaya will either be pissed off as hell - or more than pleased. If it IS going to DW, then at least it's going to an excellent home. The top looks like cocobolo. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous. I believe that's the second time we've seen a contrast layer. It really adds a lovely visual accent that's echoed by the gold hardware. Those warm colours combine with the rounded edges lend it an air of maturity and elegance.  Ludwik (UK)

Hey there AlexÖ sweet bro, just sweet man, that seven string is just a killer, I'm sure it's actually the first seven string that gets done the right way. And correct me if I'm wrong but I feel that the body contour and just those small things that you just can't point at are getting better with every guitar, millimeter here and there... subtle thing creating a whole, or maybe are just my eyes man, how knows? But it's reaching timelessness; total harmony man, the concept is just so close to anatomy, that just by looking at them, you can actually feel them, you kind of get the impresion that there is a part of you missing some were, is that crazy man, totally organic, totally alive.

Hope making dose buckers didn't cost you as much as the guitar! well bro, hope to hear some audio from the new (Hussy) amp stack man, it's really looking killer, and in the next one, if you can take some pics of the circuitry, that would be cool bro. Nice talking as always Alex, congratulations, really in love with every guitar that you come up with, keep up the good job. Cesar (Guatemala)

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