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Do you even know what you are looking at here?

This is a first in world history. Its the invention of nothing less than a brand new instrument. Its something that will make all conventional bass guitars obsolete. Becasue...this is the first bass on a guitar scale, which WORKS. Its truly a bass-guitar in design and function. Its an instrument which brings together everything that a guitar and bass offers in one single instrument. Its both instruments in one and it works. Its a guitar, which plays in bass tuning, will do anything a conventional bass will do and much more. Any guitar technique is now possible on this new type of bass. No more limitations imposed by the long scale of conventional basses. The conventional bass with its 30"-35" scale will be seen as the clumsy instrument that it really is. Something that was shoved down your throat, since 1951, because you were told its the way it should be and you have no other choice. You thought it was the only thing which could work as a bass. Even the short scale 30" basses were a bad compromise. You did not question the dogma because you thought the authorities of the guitar industry, who impressed you with their commercial success and fame knew what they were doing and will lead you along the right path. That was not the truth or reality. Now I give to you an instrument that is as much a guitar as it is a bass. An entirely new and revolutionary instrument.

Think of the possibilities.

If you are a guitar player, on this instrument you will now be instantly as competent on bass as you are on guitar. If you think of yourself as a bass player, now on this instrument you are instantly also a guitar player. The difference between bass and guitar has been eliminated forever. Nothing will ever be the same again. Unless you are an idiot of course and retarded to comprehend things. If you are a follower, then you will wait for big guitar corporations and their paid whores to tell you what to play and what to buy. It will make you feel comfortable and secure. Its how the guitar industry functions.

Nevertheless the world has been changed and again it was not done by large corporations, it was ME. All the conglomerate slave owners can do now is to copy me. Something which takes no brains and no creativity, only lack of integrity and conscience. I have redefined guitar design with Zachary Guitars, revolutionized guitar and bass strings with Zachary Optimum Gauges and now created an entirely new instrument, the Zachary Xtra Short Scale bass-guitar. Don't fight it, don't try to be a detractor just to be a contration Instead try to muster every ounce of your perception to fathom it, use it and enjoy it. Take advantage of my creativity and originality and utilize as a player. I create these things as much for YOU as I do for ME.

Previously, this instrument was not possible and some horrible instruments were created by those who were not musicians or who I think did not put enough effort into research, blinded by the pressures of commercial success. These were not visionaries and not perfectionists. The Fender Bass VI is a failed instrument in every regard because it simply did not work. It was a short scale at 30" and NOT an extra short scale as this instrument at 26" (a scale 4" shorter). Additionally the Fender Bass VI always had and still has strings and tensions atrociously badly designed or rather lacking any design which ignorant players use on it. There is nothing wrong with the Fender Bass VI itself but the strings do not work that it has traditionally been strung with and what is still available for it commercially. The Fender Bass VI instrument had never caught on and was never popular or commercially successful because it never worked due to its awful, inappropriate strings. It was relegated to an object of oddity, not a serious instrument.This was all because it never had the string design to make it work.

The Zachary XSS bass-guitar is on a 26" guitar scale. It is a long guitar scale but only 1/2" longer than most Fender guitars, such as the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. Many guitars I make are on the same 26" scale, so this XSS bass-guitar is fully functional as a guitar, encompassing any or all guitar techniques. It loves to be played with a pick. It can be played as fast as any guitar. You can tap the strings, slap the strings and combine any guitar and bass technique on the same instrument. It is perfectly at home as a solo lead instrument or as a bass in a band supporting guitar players. This instrument, the Zachary XSS bass-guitar can do it all.

Its also very flexible and convertible as in instrument. It can be tuned exactly as a guitar but an octave lower or it can tuned as a 6 string bass in perfect 5ths.
Your choice. You can either stay a guitar player or a bass player, there is no learning curve, no time lost to even get familiar with it. You already know how to play it, regardless of who you are.

What more can I tell you? I think you get the idea. You should be totally amazed at this point.

I want to thank you for playing the guitar and the bass. There are not very many of us left and half of us have one foot in the grave already.

Nevertheless, I thank you for supporting me over the years. Those of you who have, you know who you are.

As our western culture dies, so do our instruments also disappear.

Technology and the cultural war has killed what we formerly knew as our culture.

So much for Rock 'n' Roll living forever, or even blues and jazz for that matter.

Be sure you watch the demonstration video of this instrument on YouTube, I am working on it now.


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Soft Maple

Pau Ferro

Gotoh Sealed


3-way pickup select

2-way coil select


Zachary Optimum Gauges


7.3 lb


with case

Fender Bass VI

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