Zachary Custom Hand Made Electric Guitars

050602       owned by Bobby Simcox

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint Color
Top-Spalted Maple,
Pau Ferro
5.5 lbs.

Home of Zachary Guitars

This is the typical Zachary Guitar. Very organic, effortless to play, full of resonance and quite delicate. It reminds me of the delicate yet dynamic temperament of a fine violin. You can just feel the resonance and the energy that comes from it. This particular guitar is made of very light and soft woods. Its very acoustical in nature. It feels alive. Many guitars at music stores may be flashy but they feel dead. They are dead. Some people call guitars like that furniture. This is actually an accurate description. When you think of furniture, by definition it must be attractive and well made with quality and precision but it does not have to be alive. Furniture is dead. A piece of sculpture is also dead. Its static. Lifeless.                  

Zachary guitars are alive. If you play one for one reason, play it just for this one reason alone. Its an important one.


Take a look, there is actually some flame in this top as well.


Wouldn't you freak if you saw this guitar at Guitar Center? I know it would scare the shit out of me.


With my current tooling set up, the neck width at the nut resulted in a 46mm width.
All you classical guitar players that have always fantasized about shredding would love this guitar.

0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. If Porsche built a guitar, this would be it.

Vintage-style Kluson tuners with plastic buttons were used to minimize weight. These are some of the lightest tuners.

The neck is made of a single piece of quarter sawn Mahogany which is very light and very soft.
The Pau Ferro fingerboard has a long 26" scale with huge frets.

A light weight single piece Mahogany back.

Neck joint tighter than a witch's cunt.

It looks fast doesn't it?

You can tell that the back of the body and the neck are two different species of Mahogany.

How about that wood control cover.

ZachAttack handmade pickups, both switchable in single and humbucking mode.

24 frets as always and Maple wood dot position markers.

Hanging it out to dry the oil finish on the clothes line.