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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint
R480-SP HT

(one piece)

Pau Ferro
624 mm

*Dual Size

Compound Radius
7.5" - 10"

(Zachary Alnico Pole)

8.5 K
12.5 K
3-way sellctor
4.9 lb

Hard Times

In keeping with the hard times we are experiencing, its only appropriate to do the right thing and release a new Z version; the "Hard Times" version.
Here is a Z guitar for the HARD TIMES.

Ted Noiz has suggested "As far as building goes, you might have to scale down and scale back and rethink everything you do if you want to keep selling guitars. You will have to come up with a way to stay in the game, like people did in the last depression. They made and sold "depression glass" for example. You need to come up with a "depression guitar" that will knock their socks off. A Z2 with only one pickup and a volume knob; glued neck joint (bolts cost money and take time to line up and drill); made of the cheapest, shittiest wood you can possibly find, hopefully pine that was dug out from under a Home Depot dumpster; sanded and waxed, but no stain or finish. There's got to be a way. If anyone can figure this out -- you can."

Eli went even further, suggesting for me to sell guitar to just anyone with money. Reasoning that when they sell the Z, it will eventually get in the hands of real players. It makes sense and it may happen. However, this scared the shit right out of me. Its absolutely horrifying for me to find out someone has got one of my puppies and cannot play the guitar. Non-players buying guitars is not only absurd, but also disgusting in my book. I have been taken advantage by some scum like that, despite how careful I have been. These crafty lying bastards have fooled me in the past masquerading as guitar players, only to admit later on that they are not guitar players at all and are only shameless posers who are mentally unstable. You know who you are, you phony cocksuckers.

I just cannot go that far and sell to these losers. Just taking anyone's money knowing they cannot even use the Z guitar and will keep it only as long as it takes them to pick up on a new attraction based on pure impulse. These stinking pieces of talentless shit can go suck on a horses ass and buy a PRS instead. That's what they are made for. Make that goof rich, I don't care. I don't want you fucking money. You know exactly who you are, do I need to mention any names here?

All right, that did it. I got angry again even though I promised myself I will hold myself back this month. Well, you should know by now that there cannot be any Z guitars without anger or negativity. Its the most crucial ingredient to the Z process. To all the tinkerers who ask me how they can become guitar builders ... well, here is your answer, free of charge.
All the hippie shit who used to say they do drugs to be creative. Its all a bunch of crap. Drugs only numb your brain and you become nothing but a passive brain-dead liberal in support of political correctness, working for the government. You disgust me, you worthless piece of crap.

Its anger you need to create the greatest stuff on earth. Anger will be your strongest driving force to move the world, turn it upside down and rebuild it to your own design.
So if you are not angry yet, start getting angry now before its too late and let it motivate you to take charge of yourself.


Description of the HARD TIMES version Z

Basically with the HT, you will have no choice over anything. I will just make them and if you can play the guitar, you can just buy them. As simple as that.
I will use only several body styles. Yes the Z2 will be one and so will the R480 and even the G1 and maybe a few others. If it does not take extra time to make I will use the body style.
Only single coil like P90 or ZAP pickups will be used. Only one selector switch will be used, with just a volume knob (no Tone knob). A top mounted jack and no control cavity cover. No top position markers (only side dots). No tremolo of any type. One size frets only. No fancy wood of any type. Mahogany or maple necks only and maple or Pau Ferro fingerboards only. No choice of scale lengths, you get what's availalble. Case included. Flat price of $1500

Even though this is the first Hard Times Z guitar, consequent examples will differ from this slightly.
Here I used a new wood, I had never used before. Its called Obeche and it looks like Mahogany but lighter in color, almost yellow, extremely soft and extremely light. Not only is the body light but so is the neck. This is not genuine South American Mahogany, but the much softer and lighter African variety. The weight of the body and neck is very well matched to result in an impossibly light guitar. Did you see the weight of this guitar? Under 5 lb. at 4.9 lb. Just amazingly light. Its more like an air guitar or what one of those Guitar Hero game-guitars must weigh. This now must be the lightest guitar I ever created. I could not help thinking that Jimmy Page should have used this throughout his Zeppelin career, instead of that 10+ lb Les Paul, which turned him into a gray and frail old man. Many think it was the heroin that did it but it was actually the Led-Gibson he was using all those years. I guess doing drugs make you stupid and you don't realize you are playing a heavy guitar which will kill you or at least ruin your health..

As mentioned above, this guitar is also very soft. No doubt it will be quickly a relic, but not the fake Fender custom shop way, but the real way. It will dent and scratch even if you look at it the wrong way. It was difficult not to work damage it while I was making it. Its almost as soft as Balsa wood. Amazingly light and soft. You had never felt a guitar like this before.

String used ZOG 10+ Nickel-Plated Round Wound

This guitar also has the top fingerboard position markers which you will not get on the HT model. It also has the exotic Obeche wood, which is not figured but still unique. You will also not get the one piece body wood that this guitar has. You will also not get the dual size frets, one size frets only.

However, needless to even mention, the HT model will be just as good of a guitar as any other Z guitar, since every other detail, workmanship, design and construction will be identical to all other Zachary guitars. So, you will just not get the options and frills.

What you will get is a serious tar and feathering by Ted Noiz if you do try to pass yourself off as a guitar player when you know you are not. If that's what you are into then you should know that guitar boutiques were created just for you, to take the money of posers like you. They speak your language ... I clearly don't.

Players wanted!


VIDEO on youtube (unplugged)    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkUYxSrrXdk

I will just say that I am impressed. Stripped down performance priced for the working musician.

This deals with multiple issues at the same time. It lets you continue to work all the time on guitars that will in many cases not take as much time as others....it appeals to the new economic times as well. However the main thing is that even tho it is a “budget Z” it is also a very pure Z. You are hardly missing out by getting one. Instead you are getting a guitar that will destroy any Les Paul....and for sunstantially less money than an LP.

So this is exactly what I was talking about a while back when I brought up the idea of a budget Z. You nailed it exactly. It preserves the most important elements of what a Z is, while saving time and money for you and your customer. Just because the guitars are purposely stripped down for financial reasons, does not mean they are stifling your creativity or meaning the guitars are really any less good. I think everyone wins. Eli

I like it. Very straight. A tool not a toy. Just what a real player needs. Of course it will make the right sounds. At this price point you are knocking on the door of mass produced guitars, that must invite a lot of real players. I am guessing soon the market will be flooded with cheap used poser guitars from unemployed lawyers. But still you offer the superior choice. Like the original Porsche Speedster, a stripped down model to race, not just drive in a parade. This is one to play, not just decorate your playroom with.    Frank

I personally don't give a fuck what you say! A hand crafted guitar by a ral artisan, with a love and a passion for his individual work, not to mention skill and knowledge married to pure art, for a mere $1500.00 ???? It looks like I'll be buying my solid bridge Z this year! Finally!! To all those that watch your website, wake the fuck up!! If you don't get your ass qualified for one of these, you are plain and simply fucking STUPID!! Shine on Alex!!   Orlando

Hello Alex, I haven't been to the site in a while and I went there tonight and found the Hard Timez Z. You're too much. And what a beautiful thing it is. Very affordable. All Z, of course. And still the best electric guitar anywhere. Hard Timez is a perfect name for it, too. It is history in the making. Congratulations, Alex.   Ted Noiz

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