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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Birdseye Maple top,
Mahogany one piece back

Gotoh Sealed
A5 - 7.6

A3 -9.0
8.4 lb

Fender Stratocaster Strat

"Bella" (after my daughter and also because it of itself is a thing of "beauty")   Tony (Ireland)

Alex.. I am sure of it now ... you are an Alien... you really are .. I have received the guitar this morning (this is my birthday by the way.. imagine that.. receiving it on my birthday!!!) and took it out of the box... and I will be 100% honest with you, I was taking out f the box quite nonchalantly because I had said to myself that I am going to be as objective as possible in assessing this guitar... (there is a well known affect whereby one convinces oneself that one has made then right decision, especially when spending a lot of money, and people will delude themselves that they have made the right decision ).. anyway.. out came the guitar.. initial impressions.. yes very nice indeed (still being cool though)... played the neck.. hemm the neck feels different I thought, very fat back to it compared to what I am used to .. fret face seems quite wide (which I knew would be the case as that is somewhere on your web site)... strummed it... yes .. nice feel..... Ok lets plug it in ... got out my 15W Trace Elliot Class A Tube Amp with a V-Stack distortion Pedal... man I nearly fell of my fucking chair... As I write I am litterally shaking... I really am.. the sound, the articulation, the resonance, the sustain... I have quite literally never played anything like it... friad the old objective stiff upper lip has just gone flying out the window.. it is now wild abondon time... man out came the AC/DC riffs the lot...

I had recently discovered a web site of Andy Timmons who is a guitarist that I met years ago in a guitar course in NY.. and I was watching some of the videos on his web site... and I was just wondering at the unbelievable tone and sound and virtuosity... well I went back on the site this morning and I kid you not... I had the actual same vibe coming out of my little unit.. I sounded like I was playing through a wall of HIWATTs..and the fact that you have to do so little... hit a note or hit two not a large interval apart and let them ring and morph... it is exactly what timmons was doing... the secret it out...

Well I am aware that I am rambling like an idiot now and apologies for that but I just wanted some confirmation from you as to whether you are an Alien or not because the guitar is definitely from another world?? This after but 30 mins... oh and yes, after 15mins of furious playing the sweat buttered up the ebony fretboard and it was like skating on ice... man I just knew the ebony would do that... playing on butter...
anyway I'll sign off now cause bella is calling...   Tony (Dublin, Ireland)

Alex This is quite rediculous... I have just plugged my guitar into my main rig... now before you scream high murder , it is a modeling Degitech into a 20/20 Mesaboogie Valve amp... the sound... the sound... you cant possibly believe it... I know this is really stupid but I was expecting good... I was expecting a noticable difference to my current maple top mahogany back birds eye maple neck tele.. but this isn't a difference... this is night and day... snow and coal.... it is just rediculous....I mean to say I sound fucking brilliant... you would sware I was a fucking Steve Morse... I was on the look out for pedals, new amps etc... but this had ended all of that... really it is (I have just come to realise) all about the guitar.. forget your pedals amps etc... this guitar will make any half decent amp sound like a Hiwatt... Man.. I really don't know what to say.. really dont.... Boy I love playing guitar....(now)         Tony (Ireland)

It truely is something special .. well done to you.... you deserve all the laudits you get on your site... no doubt... Tony (Ireland)

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