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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

One piece
Swamp Ash


Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius
12" - 16"

A5 10.0

C 15.5
6.9 lb

The theme here was to capture a total concentration on a single purpose. To have nothing superfluous but an unmistakable dedication to a single cause. A relentless pursuit of a disciplined obsession. I wanted it cold and austere in emotion. Everything you see here is strict and restrained and yes, foreboding. You can just feel that this entity is capable of something very severe. Its alive. It has a force. Its a weapon, which either way, if not handled properly or handled with skill, can cause severe damage to either the user or the opponent. There is no varying degree to which it strikes. Only one way... with Full Magnitude.

There is nothing soft, warm or comforting here. Nothing forgiving. Its all sharp, caustic and penetrating. It even has the coldest of metal finishes, Chrome. Not Nickel, but Chrome. Nickel has a warm hue and it would not do for this purpose. Chrome is a cold bluish color, which invokes an industrial, stern and strict demeanor. Nothing amicable or tolerant here. No forgiveness and no compassion.

The average individual may not be perceptive enough to realize that some things about Zachary Guitars are subliminal. Just being aware of these creations will change your life forever and the effects will not ever be shakable. You are not permitted to forget. There is no escape. Zachary Guitars have affected and touched you in ways you cannot ever dismiss or neutralize. It has either brought out the best or the worst in you. Whichever it is, does not matter. This goes for both Zachary lovers and Zachary haters. Like it or not, Zachary will be with you for the rest of your days. It has penetrated deep into your soul. You cannot fight it. You have no choice but to inhale it.   After all... its everything you need to know.


Alex, I was looking at 040308 just now. All the things that strike me about a Zachary guitar really stand out in this particular Z2. I don't know how you do it, I am not a guitar builder. So let me put it to you this way, if someone were to build model of what Common Sense looks like -- 040308 would be it.   Ted Noiz

Hi Alex, Congratulations - this Z2 is the business - whoever gets this is very lucky - ask him to pick 6 numbers and play them on the lottery! Best JR

Subliminal? There's nothing subliminal about 040308! It's a hard-edged, no-nonsense jack-hammer of a guitar. And yet there is some warmth about it. The mahogany neck softens the brutality of the body contours and the cold chrome. I like this one. I like it very much for its stark functionality and lack of pretense. With that hot ceramic bridge p/up, with would make a monster axe for metal.   Best, Ludwik

Well done! This guitar reminds me of my good bokken, which was handcrafted by a master too. You are right, it looks quite austere but is at the same time very elegant. Elegant and functional, like my bokken. It could be quite destructive in the wrong hands and a wonderful instrument in the right hands. I love it.   YUF

YUF's contribution. I think his idea was great.....I am not one for weapon's fetishes....but this latest Z2 is right along the lines of a master built Samurai sword with those sharp edges. Stripped down elegance with complete functionality. Good call YUF!      Eli (NYC)

Alex - She arrived safe and sound on Monday night, but I left Sunday night for a short work trip. Anyway, I just got back into town late last night. I obviously had to play her, no matter how tired I was... I had only a little less than an hour playing time before I absolutely had to get to bed in order to wake up this morning for work, but let me just say that within minutes of playing, it was readily apparent that all other guitars I have played are not in the same league. Not even close. Even though this, and many of the comments I have on this guitar have been said before from other Zachary owners, until you experience it, reading the words just can't accurately convey what it is like. The shape of the Z2 is incredibly conducive to playing...I still don't know if it is the way the guitar fits to your body when playing (while seated) or if it is the shape of the neck, or whatever it is, but this guitar is just easier to play than anything else. Congrats to you and your skill and dedication. Even though this guitar is perfect, I know I will be requesting another Z2 in the future... this time a Z2-T. Thanks again!!    Steve (TX)

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