Zachary Custom Handcrafted Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Gotoh Sealed
Air Classics
6 lb

The First Z3    and my first guitar of the year 2001

Here you have it. A more traditionally shaped Zachary Guitar. It may be a variation on a familiar shape but the design, specifications and construction is pure Zachary. Therefore, you will get all the benefits in playability and tone of the Zachary design. I didn't think I would like this guitar, but I really do. Its a very nice guitar to play and the neck and fretwork is superb. I really like the neckjoint and the heal. The 5 bolt pattern is very secure and as with all my neckjoints they are very tight. Sorry to those who are used to storing their picks in the neckjoint. I also came up with a great location for the jack.

Its a simple guitar with no frills, no AAAA top, no fancy arched top, none of that BS, just a simple working man's guitar that reminds me of all those great vintage guitars with Mahogany bodies. You guessed it, the sound is very warm and full of harmonics. If you are used to playing a sterile, thin sounding instrument, this will be a real treat. The pickups are the weakest humbuckers that DiMarzio makes and they really let the character of the guitar come through.

Body: Single piece Mahogany;     Neck: single piece Walnut;     Fingerboard: Ebony;     
Frets: train tracks;     Pickups; DiMarzio Air Classics;     

...carried away by finding a guitar that is exactly what I want. I am just stunned by the that guitar.

Hi Alex The quote is something that stuck in my mind. Oddly it was from a book on programming; "Perfection is only achieved on the point of collapse" I added don't collapse just yet beautiful guitars :)


I have been trying to find a genuinely hand made guitar for a while. It started when I decide to buy a new guitar. The local music stores were so depressing that I went online. It didn't improve much. Every time I searched for guitar, quality or "luthier" Ed Roman kept popping up (which drove me nuts). So I read his comments on the big makers which I agreed with (although it led to the inevitable sales pitch) and then started looking at some of the alternative products.The more I read the more I realized I couldn't find anything that I even liked the look of. All the online dealers sites were offering the same thing at outrageous prices. The guitar magazines keep touting the same old brands. They can't even review a guitar without comparing it to a Les Paul, PRS or a Strat. I knew that the moment I had it in my hand it would be a let down. Just another used domestic appliance in the guise of a musical instrument and I would gradually lose interest in it. So, I spent about 2 weeks searching websites for what I wanted. I found you on Google under "hand made electric guitars". The second picture I clicked on was the first Z3. Read the reviews at Harmony Central and bingo!

In the end I guess companies get hijacked by the money making machine. The salesmen, writers and manufactures lose sight of what it was they fell in love with as kids. I can still recall the smell of the first guitar I owned and the visceral pleasure, the gut feeling that it gave me.

Last night I went to watch a local Jazz guitarist play. I kept looking at his tobacco sunburst 335 and thinking how ugly it was. It looked so out of place. I sat there all evening hoping the Z3 was available and not really listening.

I just wanted to thank you for the guitar. I have just unpacked her and played for half an hour. I am lost for words it is absolutely beautiful in every regard. There is really nothing more I can say except: Thank you again. Very best wishes Richard

ps I loved the irony of it being delivered in a Gibson box. "Only A Ginson Is Good Enough" emblazoned on the side or some such wildley inventive marketting jingle.

The more I play the guitar the more I realize how good it is. It almost plays me. It feels like liquid glass and has a purity in it's tone that sends shivers down my spine. It is an act of faith buying a guitar long range and I am very very happy with the outcome. My wife refused to believe me when I told he the Z3 was 1500U$ she went off to check the paperwork! Quote "Come on how much was it really?" It really is perfection, there is nothing about the guitar that I don't love. Richard

I'll get my thoughts together and write a review a soon as my feet touch. I am very very happy with the guitar it's fluid and has a purity I love. A living thing it sounds just as it looks. Simply beautiful. I Richard Alex I have submitted a review to Harmony Central. I haven't used this address as I don't wish to be flamed by the PRS/Gibson/Fender fundamentalists.

When I was a kid I used to dream of owning a Les Paul or Strat. In the end I did and it wasn't how I had imagined. This is the guitar I have been looking for since I first started playing. All the best Richard