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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Pau Ferro
5.9 lbs.

Alex, you are the man.
I have improved my playing overnight. The quality of your guitars has been stated many times over but this can't be over stated - the combination of quality, being hand made, inexpensive, the feel of a custom well made guitar that is as good looking as it is playable.

I have several other Strats that are hand made or partially hand made, all from other guitars or luthiers. My main axe is made up of 7 different guitars plus a hand made body to get just the right tone and feel but I only have one guitar now, the one you made. Man is it awesome.

I played it maybe 15 hours this weekend (between all the honey do's) since I received it on Friday and at Church (we jam) this Sunday and I was impressed at the versatility of the pu's. I don't need a Tele, Strat or Les Paul. I have it all. What an amazing weapon. It's up there with my absolutely need items like my best field knife and compass. I'm leaving for Europe in two weeks to teach and I have to leave it behind (I don't want anything to happen to it while traveling) so I'll take my Main Strat so if anything does happen it won't be a major loss. I told one of my bass player friends about your bass guitars so he's going to check out your site.

"DE OPRESSO LIBRE" ( free the oppressed) - Special forces motto.
Catchy for a Zachary guitar slogan huh? I placed a sticker with that saying on my Z2 guitar case.
A Zachary guitar believer, Stevan

Hello Alex, What a butte! I've been use to carrying pigs. I counted myself lucky if my axe was 7 1/2+ #'s. This baby is light as a feather. Wow, what artistry. This is a warriors weapon and it's mine. Can't wait to plug into my 58 Gibson and my 67 Super. It fits my hand mighty fine. I'm not use to hitting the C#m scale this high. Always had to stop @ 21 frets. This is going to be a journey. Shipping in a Gibson case, what a clasic idea.Thanks for caring.     Stevan.

Well its not yours any longer Steven.

Oh my freakin goodness!!

I thought 26" was supposed to be harder to play???? That's right I intercepted the UPS guy on the street. He does not hit my street until 6:30 usually so I would not have been here. This thing is smooth as hell. And you can really feel the extra space up high. ALSO the huge frets really seem to be a PERFECT match for the long scale. It is ideal. It also helps that you set this guitar up to play like total butter. This guitar also rings in a similar way to Korina. It is closer to that guitar in vibe. OK, I have got to play for 2 hours before I go out to teach for the day..... Thank goodness for idiots!!      More raving later.   Eli (NYC)

More analytical follow up: Hahahahaahhahahhahahaha!!!!
And also: Heeheheheheheheha!!
Ps there will be NO messing around with tuning down, thicker strings etc....this thing is pure joy exactly how it is right now. Sweet and clear like a harp with a whammy bar.

Those lap top computers are pretty sweet tho, very hard to find, very rare, nobody has one of those....hmmmm I say again, thank goodness for idiots. No need to post that tho because I am making a resolution to be more positive.    Playing....     Eli (NYC)

Tuning is FANTASTIC. I really appreciate the extra work on the pick guard. I will not remove it. And it was not trivial. Especially not on such an amazing guitar for strumming. This thing can really deal with strumming well.   Still can’t understand how effortlessly this long scale guitar plays. And with such resonance, both similar to, but also in contrast to the shadow. It has quite a bit of the character of “Korina”...but also something else (obviously the scale plays a part in this). The trem seems particularly feather touch on this guitar.  Eli (NYC)

Well we all know what it’s like to want a guitar to be easier to play. However the amazing thing is that with this guitar, even considering the extra long scale and slightly heavier strings tuned to normal pitch it is amazingly easy to play. Have you found that with a 26” can you achieve lower action/ less relief because the extra tension makes it still ring nicely even with low action/relief? But then again you did something similar with “Korina” which ALSO had VERY low action/relief when I first played it (high e practically touching the first fret)....and yet it still had the sweet tone. So what do I know?   

So I used plink for the lead guitar. And now it pops right out the speakers, contrasting very strongly with the shadow tracks. That is exactly what I had in mind. Yes they both sound like zach guitars. But they have their own very distinct way of articulating and resonating. So now the tracks really stand out from each other even if 2 of them are way quieter in the mix.    

It is REALLY interesting how this guitar responds. You would think that the extra long scale would make it really trebly and cutting. But actually it is quite soft and sweet sounding. Obviously which wood you use does not make the end product better or worse. But it sure does make it different in how it absorbs the impact of the playing and the tone that results from this. The soft wood on this guitar neck and body really effects the response. It is also reflected in the OD sound a LOT. It has a sweet mellow OD sound, not much like shadow at all which is more hi fi sounding with more in your face detail, pure volume, and piano like sustain. More uncompromising. If you really hit plink hard it still sounds pretty. If you do that with shadow it will cut right into your ear, the treble will zip right across the room. In tracks with both guitars I like how they blend. When I use the same guitar on multiple tracks things often get muddy. So it is better with 2 different ones. Very interesting stuff.     Eli (NYC)

You have filled my soul with lust and avariciousness, drooling over 010703!
This must be one of your best-ever. And she's a long-scale like mine 010902. I should think that the Korina body/mahogany neck would give her a warmer tone but perhaps a bit less brightness than the maple/mahogany body and maple neck of my baby. If your customer doesn't instantly fall in love with this baby, he should be shot. Although on reflection, that's probably too merciful an end.
 Ludwik (England)