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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

One Piece
Swamp Ash

6.3 lbs.

Here is a cute little guitar. I call it little because the scale length is only 24.5", shorter than a Gibson. This makes it so easy to get around on this guitar. I did something different on this one by making the edges very sharp. The sharp edge gives this Z2 a different look. The body is made of a single piece of really nice Swamp Ash. Its the first time I have used Swamp Ash. This is a very light and soft wood, in comparison to regular Ash, which is very heavy and very hard, although it looks exactly the same.

Swamp Ash is the proper wood to make a Telecaster from. All the best Telecasters from the 50s were made from Swamp Ash. I am actually hinting at something here. You may just see a new Zachary guitar model, it will be called the F1. It will take a while though, I have some work to do to to get it designed and ready to make.

By the way, speaking of shorter scale guitars, have you ever played a Richenbacker with a short scale or any Rickenbacker for that matter. The short scale John Lennon model in particular is disgusting to play. I have probably never played a worst guitar. It was scary. Its made to look like a guitar, is nicely painted and I like the shape, the hollow concept but is it ever gross te way it sounds and feels. Make it playable please. Its an unplayable object created purely to be visual. How could John Lennon ever play that thing. He must have sounded horrible on it and would have had a hard time physically playing on it. What's even more sad is that the Rickenbacker company is making these unplayable GSOs (guitar shaped objects) and they are very expensive as well. I can tell nobody knows anything about guitars over there. I encourage anyone to go to a store and try one of these things. They are wickedly horrible. Yet another example of BS in the guitar business. Love, love me do...


I felt that it would be best to string this little guy with an (.011-.049) set of strings.
The shorter scale needs to be compensated for tone with thicker strings.

Alex. I want to thank you for making 010404 for me. I have had it a few months now and am enjoying it very much. It took getting used to because I am not a great player; however, it certainly has made me faster. When I first received 010404, it was so light it nearly floated out of the case. The next impressions was the rich smell of the wood which I still enjoy. But more than anything, I now find this guitar to be very easy to play and very fast; therefore, it has become my main instrument. The last two gigs I played, one in San Francisco and the other in L. A., the comments from the other band members (Mad Man Billy) were mostly about the pickups. They say that I play so much brighter and alive than the way I played before. It's not me, it's your creation. I wanted you to know that this guitar will never be sold, only passed on to my son. So thanks again from my heart. Walker Force

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