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A Few Great Comments About Zachary Guitars and Their Creator

"I can't say I see much of anything I admire on Zachary's website in terms of design, ideology or attitude."    Mattia -hobbyist guitar tinkerer and full time guitar forums poster (Amsterdam, NL)

Alex has single handedly redefined what guitars ought to be!!! He's basically reinvented a number of the classic styles (Fenders and Gibsons (love that Z-Bird, and even the Dano), but what makes it all possible is his Passion for what he does!!! Frankly, my attitude is that if there's no passion, it's a waste of life!!! Alex is an original, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!! Love Y'all, Bobby Simcox

If money were no object I'd become the biggest collector of his "guitars", and every year I'd host a huge party where every guest gets to smash one to smithereens and throw it on the enormous fire built entirely out of his high priced firewood. Personally , I'd like to "earn" one of his guitars by smashing his head in with one!
Walpole, Ma. - Jeff 'Houndog' Porter - part time tinkerer/full time guitar chat room poster

Just spent some time looking through your site, smiling at the words, and speechless at the photos. Just stunning. Congratulations on adding something worthwhile to the world.   Tony

I just find it all amusing. Realistically, in a few days, no one will care, one way or another. We all know this. You see, Zach (or whatever his name is) has it all wrong. He's the mouse in that image. He's already killed himself. His attitude is his metaphorical mouse trap. His guitar building career is dead and we're the cats pawing at it for our own amusement. - thegarehanman - professional nameless guitar forum poster (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Alex, Gotta say, I like the dead mouse bit and all the stupid comments from the hackers on your front page. I know what it means to be truly passionate and to give your all to something and to have someone come along and try to cut it all down. You make the greatest electric guitars in the world. That is the end of the fucking story. With every guitar you make, you kill a hundred stinkin', fuckin' rats and thousand tone-dead, so-called, "guitars" deader than a doornail. Keep up the good work and enjoy your nasty self. Burn 'em, Alex; burn 'em all.
Ted Noiz

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
I am told Gandhi forgot the final thing... "Then they follow you"

Guitars Built By God, (I am just his servant)

"DE OPRESSO LIBRE" ( free the oppressed) - Special forces moto.

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Zachary Guitars


The Z2
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Featured Comments
(from believers, disbelievers, admirers, skeptics, mental patients and other freaks of nature)
For more of this amusing stuff, go to the COMMENTS page.
"Anybody who has no enemies is not making any waves at all" (Art Bell)

Who is this Zachary clown, anyway?

I'm normally pretty evenheaded, but this guy's attitude has me REALLY steamed. For all I know he makes a fine instrument. It's his total lack of sense on several issues that has me all twisted up.
I'm sure there were a few other things I had to say, but I've calmed down now....              - from a guitar newsgroup

Hi Alex,
A friend of mine has one of your guitars which he loves very much. He turned me on to your site. Taking a look I was surprized to see your Pier 1 guitar. I actually have that dining set that you mentioned as inspiration for that color. Do you still have that guitar (260201)?
Please send me a demo tape if you still have any.
I really like what you are doing. Don't let the bastards get you down.           -- Marc, Chicago, IL

Hey, I stumbled onto your sight a few days ago and must say I'm very impressed. It's refreshing to see a guitar builder who isn't trying to re-invent the Strat for the billionth time, and most of the few other guitar builders who actually try something different end up with some ridiculous results ( I won't mention any names). Oh well, I give them credit for trying. And I agree very much with your building philosophies. After looking in to some reviews and references, you got me pretty interested in a Z2.            - Sam

Artsruments,         Man, I am an artist, and conneseur of fine art work of sorts, and I seriously think that you should have some of these guitars in an art gallery... I really mean it man, these are beautiful instruments, and if I could afford it, I would buy one. It appears that one or three of these really were made by God! James A.

i've seen the zachary guitars site. i'd take any guitar over one of those anyday. those are among the ugliest guitars i have ever seen. the headstock, the odd body, the bug infested wood? come on man, seriously. (anonymous guitar lover from eBay)

Finally A guitar maker with brains and balls,   AS

Put those major manufacturers over a barrel and introduce them to your Samurai headstock. Good luck and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Jay

Devotion to brand gives confidence to those without enough confidence to buy and use a guitar or amp that doesn't conform to what marketers say is the type to own. (form someone on a newsgroup)

Zachary Custom Handcrafted Electric Guitars

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Alex III with Mimi 240500

Here is a picture of me holding "Mimi". I know I look young, everyone tells me so.
I'm actually a 45-year old baby-boomer in mid-life crisis. This is why I ride Sting-Ray bicycles from the seventies.
Sometimes I even double ride with a cute chik.

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Zachary Custom Handcrafted Electric Guitars and Bass Guitar
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